Most people are poor today simply because they spend money they don’t have on thing they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.

From today on wards, each time you want to spend money, stop and ask yourself a question,
1. why am I spending this money?
2. What is the motive for my spending?

  • Is it to show off?
  • Is it to prove my worth?
  • Is it to impress someone?
  • Is it to compete with someone?
  • Is it to belittle someone?
  • Is it to entice someone?
  • Is it to boast?
  • Is it to show pride?

If you spend money for any of the above reasons then you can best be described as a big fool, and that’s the reason you are still very broke.

Spending has never made anyone rich.

Remember that each time you spend you are giving away the seed to your prosperity.

Remember that each time you spend you are transferring power away from you.