They plan and work to become physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit every day.

They prepare for the unexpected.
They have a sense of their life purpose (they are dedicated to a greater cause).
They plan and work to become financially stable.
They think Success.
They know what they want for their life.
They know where they are.
They know where there life is going.
They are real to others and themselves.
They empower others for success.
They appreciate others success.
They love what they do and do what they love.
They plan and prepare to win.
They plan and work on future success.
They are a friend in need for to a friend and the world in need.
They read success information.
They associate with empowering people.
They have a lover they love every day.
They empower a winner within themselves every day.
They expect to win.
They take total responsibility for what happens around and within them.
They dress, talk and walk like winners.
They live as winners.
They are honesty, courageous, have integrity and have kindness.
They live there own life (mind their own business).
They appreciate and love life.