The Royce Rolls

Everything works perfect with its own birth right system. You cannot plant a mango tree and begin applying Petrol fuel and expecting a mango tree to grow and survive, maybe they is such a thing, but I have not heard of that yet. So are our minds too, you cannot entertain negative thoughts all day long and expect to live a positive all day long, that’s what is called total insanity. What you think, is what is expected on you as your results.

You can’t think everything and expect your life to be everything. You can’t think everything and expect a good life. Thinking everything is having a confused self conflicted mindset.

Most people don’t know how their mind works and how they should think, so they just think everything and ignorantly wandering why their lives are not going the way they want them; they are busy thinking, imagining, rehearsing and talking about poverty, sickness, lack, limitations and expecting to have money, health, to become rich at the same time, that’s also confused expectation. Most people don’t understand that they don’t get what they want, but what they are.

We get in life what we are, not what we want; in short we get what we have become, if a person is a poor minded, they get poverty, so is the opposite. What we think is what we get, and what we get is what we become. What we become is what we thought, and what we thought is what we are, and what we are is what we create and experience in our lives. If you experience poverty, remember that you think poor because what you think is what you become, so is the opposite when you think rich, it is what you become.

“What we think is what we become, and what we become is the reflection of our lifestyle”

Every lifestyle has its own system; if it’s poverty, it has its own poverty system that works perfectly to become and experience a poverty lifestyle. If its riches, it has its own rich system that works perfectly to become and experience a rich lifestyle. But because of ignorance of not knowing how to think, of not knowing the working systems of the universe, most people are busy focusing there thinking on the negative side of life, the things they don’t want, while expecting a good life at the same time; this is what I call confused self conflicted mind. If you want a rich life use a rich system, not a poverty system.

What you think and feel is what you get. You will never get what you don’t think and feel about for your life. What you get in life is what you expected through how you thought, you believe it or not. Most people are miserable and unexcited with their lives simply because they think about what they don’t want.

“How you think is how your mind works”
– Maradona Chalwe

It’s how you think that’s how your mind works for you to create for you and attracts for you what you get with your life. In short how you think is how your mind works for you. Like I said, the problem most people are busy thinking what they don’t want, thinking what they don’t want to happen to them, and their minds gives them back what they don’t want because what they think is how their minds works for them. 

Note: Mind has no power to differentiate between what is good or bad, it only works on the thoughts you give it, and that’s what you get back as your reality in life. and the only one who has power to differentiate between good or bad is you yourself; you are your conscious mind, but it’s fun how some people are not conscious, still operating like infant babies being thought for by the government, parents, employer, school, religions, etc.

Mind is governed by laws, if you are ignorant about mental laws, no doubt you will abuse the laws and the laws will abuse you too, and will work for you but against you to experience a negative life. Know thyself if you want the mental laws to work successfully for you as the first thing the Ancient Greeks did a long time ago was to know thyself, “The first reason for man’s inner slavery is his ignorance, and above all, his ignorance of himself. Without self-knowledge, without understanding the workings and function of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself, and he will always remain a slave, the plaything of forces acting upon him. This is why in all ancient teachings the first demand at the beginning of the way to liberation was to know thyself” said Mr. Gurdjeff.

The mind doesn’t reveal any secret to you; the mind only responds to the laws of thought. Most people don’t actually understand and pay more attention and intention to these mental Principles that,

  1. As a man thinketh, so is he or she will experience (So is your lifestyle).
  2. You reap what you have sown (What you think will be your harvest).

It’s what you think that is what makes you what you were yesterday; you are today and will be tomorrow. George Bernard Shaw said, “Some people just think two or three times a year, I would win Nobel Prize if would just think two or three times a week”, for sure most people just think two or three times a year and the other remaining days and months, other people and circumstances think for them.  

It is what is within you, that is what you get and how live your life. It’s like this example about the poor-middle class people acting and pretending to be rich, when actually within they are still poor, it’s as they are within that’s what becomes their reality in their long run; not what society thinks and talks about them. I think that’s why the middle class get and find themselves into long-term bad debts, because they pretend to be rich for a longer period. It’s what you think within you, that’s what you create, attract and become as your life reality. Your mindset is your lifestyle, so is those who buy a Royce Rolls expensive car; have a Royce Rolls mindset, a rich lifestyle.