You get in life what we are, not what you want; if you want to get what you want, you have to change what you are and become that which you want, for example if you want to be loved, you have to become love first; problem is some people are after other people to love them instead of loving and becoming love themselves first. 

You get what you have become; if a person is a poor minded, they are in poverty, if not yet, it’s just a matter of time they will be handed over a poverty food plate sooner. It is as true as happening as was said happening thousands of centuries ago, “As a man thinketh, so is he” shall become; no one can run away from their own thought caused.  

What we think is what we get, and what we get is what we become; and we become is what we experience as our reality. If you think negative thoughts, you will attract negative circumstances or people around you. What we have become is what we thought, and what we thought is what we are, and what we are is what we create and experience in our lives.

You become what you posses in your mind. You and I become our mindset, and our mindset is our lifestyle. What we think is what we become, and what we become reflects of our lifestyle. What we think about most is what we become, it might not be happening now, but with time it will happen, let’s remember that. What we are now is our mindset and our mindset is the reflection of our lifestyle; and if we want to change our lifestyle we have to change our mindset first, that change might not happen today, but with time, with persistence that change you want will happen and become your lifestyle.

“We must be before we can do and we can do only to the extent to which we are and so what we do will necessarily coincide with what we are and what we are depends upon what we think” – Charles Hannel, Author: The Master Key-System, 1912