“Great Leaders take responsibility and accept blame; bosses blame their juniors and pass the buck instead” – Walter Mwambazi

“Great Leaders groom others into taking over; bosses are threatened and stifle potential by drowning it or taking credit for it, and in the end driving it away through frustration” – Walter Mwambazi

“Great Leaders are generators lighting up many bulbs and raising other generators like them. Bosses are just bulbs” – Walter Mwambazi

“Productivity lies in routine tasks that are high value in nature. Eliminate the low value tasks and focus on the higher” – Walter Mwambazi

“There are no bad experiences, only learning ones. A lesson in every set back, stepping stone in every stumbling block” – Walter Mwambazi

“Great Leaders are influential not bossy. They inspire the greatest personal potential to blossom under them” – Walter Mwambazi