Education is not about putting in mind knowledge – it’s about making minds of people become aware of what they already have within themselves, and then, ignite the already have, as Plutarch said “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited”. Education is also about making people realize the opportunities they already have around them, that will lead them to a success they want.

Education does not come by having or putting in MBA’s or Ph.D papers in a student’s mind; and the most ongoing myth is that when you have an MBA that means you are educated. A school certificate will not make you educated if you are ignorant about your world within. It’s not even a guarantee that you are educated. In short a school certificate is a ticket to become an employee to work for a few people, rich people who have educated themselves to become master of their own lives.

True education is about mastering oneself, both your weakness and strengths and keeping on improving them both. True education is making and bringing out the potential already in people and motivate that potential to empower themselves and others too. In short, true education is about igniting the birth right abilities or gifts an individual is already born with, and the greatest opportunity is that everyone is already born with a talent, everyone on this earth has a talent; and true education is to make an individual realize that talent, improve it, and share it to as many people as they can reach in this world, that’s what true education is about, not a chain of school paper certificates.