Being rich is a thought, a concentrated thought, focused thought, intact thought, and so is being poor a concentrated thought, a focused thought, intact thought too? Yes. The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is where they concentrate their thoughts most times; this one thinks of success most times while the other thinks failure most times; and that’s what their destiny becomes at the end of their day, their week, a month, year and years. Destiny is today, not tomorrow.  

Most people are busy thinking, rehearsing and speaking about poorness all day long, and pray every day to God to make them successful, but still wandering why they are experiencing poor and miserable lifestyles to date while praying for riches every day. It’s not what you pray about, it’s what is predominant already in your mind, already in your heart that’s what counts most to God and that’s what becomes your reality life because every thought you think is a prayer you send to the universe, and the universe gives you back what you gave it first.

This is why it’s very difficult for most people to become successful with their lives, because most times they are thinking about lack, poverty, failing and past failures; and in reality that’s what they create, attract and become with their lives.  I have never heard or ready about a rich person who became rich by focusing on poverty, lack or failure; but I have heard and ready about poor people who are poor today simply because they focused on poverty, lack and past failures all day long. 

The only difference that makes the successful become successful and the unsuccessful become unsuccessful is where they focus most their thoughts to. The rich are rich because they focus their thoughts on rich ideas, and the poor are poor because they focus their thoughts on poor ideas; and what you focus your thoughts on most is what you create, attract and become with your life. “You become what you think about most all day long” said Ralph Waldo Emerson; and this is true, and if you want to change your life, you have to change how you think and what you think about the most. Your lifestyles are your own thoughts, and if you want to change your lifestyle, first change your thinking. The problem is that most people think about what they don’t want the most, and that’s what they get the most.

The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they think, where their thoughts are concentrated on most and who they associate with the most. Your lifestyle is your own thought. Think more of what you want to happen to you.