Without citizens without the government in any country. The government survives because of its citizens in your country; – in short the government survives because of you a citizen especially if an employee who pays the most taxes to the government.

If you pay taxes, the government survives because of you. If the nation is of poor people, the government is poor too, simply because the economy is the reflection of the citizens of that nation. If the citizens and the people running the government organization are poor, the economy of the country will be poor too for the majority of people especially the poor people; that’s why we are healing and seeing these poor nations on news and everywhere globally.

The only way you can feed on the government is to become a successful entrepreneur, not a self-employed or employee one. Self-employed and employee pay the highest taxes in every country, and these are the ones that feed the government more.

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Point: Become the business person who the government seeks to give national projects, not the one to feed to national problems. And entrepreneur becoming will offer you that opportunity to feed on the government.  

 “Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone” – Frederick Bastiat, French Political Economist, 1850.