“Poverty is a family rooted problem; but I want to live rich? Then just begin to change your family roots” – Maradona Chalwe
“It’s not the little you have; it’s how you feel with the little you have, that’s what makes all your difference with the little. Everything begins with little, and the little is what will bring you more or not” – Maradona Chalwe
“Surround yourself with a positive you, not a negative you. Success begins with surrounding yourself with a positive you first” – Maradona Chalwe
 “Don’t busy so busy making poor babies. You never end the generations of poverty in your family” – Maradona Chalwe
“Parents you cannot end poverty in your family by allowing your children pass through a path that never worked for you” – Maradona Chalwe
“Become the business person who the government seeks to give national projects, not the one to feed to national problems” – Maradona Chalwe
“Perfect to begin is an obstacle to your own success”
– Maradona Chalwe
“Don’t be afraid that you don’t know what you want for your life. Not knowing what you want for your life is the first step to know what you want with your life. Just go out and learn what you don’t know” – Maradona Chalwe
“Most of us the reason we are not successful with our lives is, we lack the spirit of appreciation. The secret is, what you appreciate grows”
– Maradona Chalwe
“Never trust an income source that is not yours. Not even your husband’s”
– Maradona Chalwe
“Most people will tell you everything why you cannot do what you want to do, but never a single one why you can” – Maradona Chalwe
“Approve yourself to earth; heaven has already approved your work. Your work must be approved to earth” – Maradona Chalwe
“Most families are poor not because of lack of money; but because no family member has ever desired to become rich”
– Maradona Chalwe
“It feels good to have someone to blame on; but it’s all stupidity to have someone to blame on” – Maradona Chalwe
“Never blame or complain of anything you have allowed or allowed to be part of your life. That’s maturity” – Maradona Chalwe
“Everything comes into your life, good or evil person, at the right time and place of your life. Be the right heart, time, place of your life to attract the right hearts, time and place of your life. It all begins with you” – Maradona Chalwe
“Don’t hate a person who doesn’t believe in what you believe in; what if you are all lost? Learn from them” – Maradona Chalwe
“Don’t just follow all is said; you will end up all is said”
– Maradona Chalwe
“Better to be lost in my own way than another  man’s way. Why carry another man’s mind when you are meant to carry your own mind, mind your own mind”
– Maradona Chalwe