To change your outer life, it all begins by changing your inner life. For example external leadership begins with eternal leadership, so is external riches begin with eternal riches. You must first become rich in spirit, rich in mind (thought), rich in emotions, and rich in words (vocabulary) and then the riches in actions as your reality will take care of its self.

“The key point in life is this, you must work hard on the most on what causes the results”; but the problem most people are doing the opposite; they are working more on the results, working hard to change the results, chasing the symbols of riches, the material things, instead of working hard on the source of riches, source of those material things, and that source is an individual. The real source of riches, wealthy, is an individual’s thinking, an individual’s mind. The cause of riches is mindset, so is mindset the cause of poverty. Mind is all, and all is mind.

Author of ‘A New Birth of Freedom and It Remains Insightful and Pertinent’ Steve Forbes said, “The real source of wealth and capital in new era is not material things – it is the human mind, the human spirit, the human imagination and our faith in the future. That’s the magic of a free society – everyone can move forward and prosper because wealth comes from within”. Everything you did, you are doing and you will do, all begins in your mind, as a thought first. Nothing will happen to you without you thinking about it, everything that happens to you now and will happen to you, you attract them by the way you think. Thought causes all you feel and do, so if you want to change how you and what you do, just change what you think about. Thought is spiritual power. 

“Before you can transform your wallet from poor to rich. You’ve got to transform your spirit from poor to rich” – Robert Kiyosaki, Founder: Rich Dad Education