To change your mental programming, you have to change your mental programming. To control your mind, you have to control your own mind like a using a remote control to watch the channels you want to watch. A TV remote is made for you to use to watch or program the channels you want to watch. You have to watch your own life on your mental TV you want to watch.

Moreover, to control your mind is to control your life, and to do this is to become master of oneself; but giving others your remote control to control your TV set which is your mind, is ending up becoming a human-robot that labors for the robot programmer the one using the remote, and that person or organization that most of us have given our TV remote controls, that in fact control most people’s minds are exampled, >>> The school-system, religion (churches inclusive), government, employers, family and friends; such groups controls and can control your mind to benefit themselves more and less or none on yourself if you allow or let them control your life like a TV remote control everyone uses whenever they visit your TV room. Remember that others don’t even know how to use the TV remote control, that’s why some TV sets get damaged in a short period of time.

The good example is to live a life you don’t want simply because you are doing a favor for your family or friends, that is letting your family or friends control your life, and that making yourself a slave to your friend’s thoughts. You can do a favor for your family and friends, I do this often, but to let them determine lifetime life they want me to live is not being in control of my own life.

My friends path of life is not my path, so, why then put myself in a path that is not mine? I believe this makes more sense to you now?

Note: A robot programmer can be negative or positive, but many of them are negative and obsolete, that’s why the masses of people poor and ignorant of who they to date, for example our school system still trains students 20th century philosophies when we are no longer in the 20th century but in the 21st century world of new information and more technological labor age. The fact is school has become obsolete because it’s still running in the 20th century when we are in the 21st century.

Remember you own your mind, but man can control your mind if you don’t control your mind. It has been said often that if you take away a man’s dreams, you take away their life, it’s true, a job has done this to main people. The only way robot programmers for example our governments take control of the masses of people is by taking control of people’s minds unconsciously, number one way is via our school system. This is what the late South African Activist Steve Bantu Biko similar meant too that, “The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

Indeed many today are oppressed via the school system way of training and conditioning students to look up to the government and the rich people for the help they are capable of helping themselves, for example waiting for a job when you can create your own job, and everyone is capable of doing that. That’s why to take charge of your life, you must take charge of your mind, you must program your own mind, not others programming your mind. You must pick up your own remote control and watch the channels you want, not others channels you don’t want. “To take charge of your life – you must take charge of your mind”.

And it all begins with you, to which side you will go for or to which side you will change too and remain too; to either let others control or continual controlling your mind and lifetime? Or pick up full responsibility to control your mind and your life-time. Only you can make that choice. To change your life, to control your life – you have to take charge of your mind. “The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled” said, Andrew Carnegie.