Intelligence is not doing as told, but as you tell yourself. Everyone is born with intelligence to find opportunities and solve any problems they are faced with, but so few have realized this. We are all born intelligent, but society makes majority of us grow dull, rigid and dumb, especially school-system way of training.

What we call unemployment is caused by ignorance of one’s birth right intelligence, abilities and talents, which is now ignorance of the masses of people and is a global problem too. It’s the ignorance of who we are and what we have within ourselves that is the greatest problem for most of those without jobs today, not jobs. In fact lack of jobs is not a problem, but people lacking usage of intelligence are the problem in our societies. Jobs are unlimited on this earth.

In fact the definition of unemployment: Means lack of man’s awareness and utilization of his birth right potentials. Man is born with potential and man is potential too, but only a few have understood this. Man is created with unlimited opportunities and man has power to create unlimited opportunities.  

Therefore, unemployment is man’s ignorance of his birth right powers. Unemployment is also lack of man’s initiative to solve his own problems. And such people lack the courage to make real things that will benefit society for better and also not using what they have already is what causes lack of initiative to generate progressive ideas for oneself and for their communities too.

The reason they is so much unemployment today is that many people are not using what they have already but only waiting to be told what to do by a few people who are using what everyone already has on this earth, for example everyone on this earth has a talent, but so few people are utilizing their own talents. Remember our talents are our jobs, not only a paycheck job.

Truth is that if a person is lacking birth right initiative, they are unable to do anything more worth for their societies and themselves, and often wait to be told what to do by a few people who are using what they already have, example the rich people to provide jobs for majority of school graduates, instead of a school graduate to use the knowledge he learnt in school to create his or her own job, but fail because they lack the knowledge and potential they are born with already in them.

 “Intelligence is doing the right thing without being told” – Victor Hugo

Moreover, intelligence is not waiting to be told what to do, No; intelligence is being aware of what you already have, and use them to your advantage to benefit yourself and others lives too; that’s what most students don’t see, but only  waiting to be given a job and told what to do at a job by their employers. And the fact is, the more we have people not using their intelligence, the more unemployment goes up. All employment depends on human intelligence. Humans caused unemployment, so humans can create employment.