Most of us have never being taught since our childhood how to control, how to take control and be in control of our own lives from childhood, that’s why most of us have come to believe that the government is responsible to take care of my life, the job or employer is responsible for my financial life, and we have ended up believing that someone one out their owes me a living even when we don’t know that person yet.

No one owes you a living out there, in fact you owe a living to this world, this mother earth. The shelter body you have is earth who gave it to you to live into it, then what more do you want earth to give you? What you came with from where you came from before you were in this body is what you must share to mother earth, is what you were sent with to come share to your mother earth.

You came here with a mind, and mind is a powerful tool you came with to come and create substances that will impact and benefit for better many people’s lives on this earth. In fact you are a co-creator god, and minds job is to create substances. Mind is a tool you were given to come and use on this earth to create substances and ideas that will benefit mankind for a better, though most people use it for worse.

You are here on this earth to give, not to get, in fact you were sent with everything to give to this earth, not everything to get on this earth. If you were sent with nothing on this earth, you could have come with everything you had their where you were before you came to this earth. Everything you ever want on this earth is already within you, you are already born with them, and your job on this earth is to give that which is already in you. And a talent is your job already you are born with you must give on this earth.

Those who give receive, and those who give more, receive more, and that’s what we are here for on this earth, to give more and the more we give, the more we will receive. This is the principle the most successful, richest and wealthiest people use on this earth, giving more services and products to their communities and world, the world rewards them back more. You are here to give, and give more, and more you will receive. What you give out more, you will receive more of that, that’s the universal law, and applies everywhere and in everything.

“God’s gift to you is more talent and ability than you could possibly use in your lifetime. Your gift to God is to develop as much of that talent and ability as you can in this lifetime”
– Steve Bow