Successful people learn a lesson in losing, in fact losing inspires them to do better more than was. The point here is that, the desire to win grows more after losing, that’s why successful people treat losing as part of the game to winning big. Losing inspires a successful minded person to become wiser, stronger and better than they were in the past.

Truth is that we grow successfully through making mistakes, and fearing to make mistakes is making big mistakes simply because you stop making worth progress with your life, and you will never do and learn anything more worth, but only shoddy things.

Losing means letting go of the unwanted, the unempowering in order to receive the wanted and the empowering that will make your life a successful ahead, it might be present too.  

Winner Before A Winner

People are losers before there losers, so are winners before their winners. You can imagine how many people are stuck in jobs because their afraid of quitting jobs they don’t even love at all. Their afraid of starting a business because they fear they might lose all that savings money or the money they want to borrow; are afraid of the criticism of being different from everyone, so they remain average to life just like that. Nothing greater was achieved by losing nothing; it all begins by letting something go. The point here is that people are losers before their losers so are people winners before there winners, and that begins in a mind, as a thought, before that thought becomes a reality. Before you can be somebody in real life be somebody first in your spiritual mental life or your mental world.

Note 1: Successful people do what average people are afraid of doing. Joseph Campbell said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Your successes can also be found in what you are afraid to do, try or lose. Remember that fear is just “false- evidence –appearing – real”. You self cause and allow fear upon you and you are the one who finds the evidence to make it real.

Fear is a cause and has a cause. If you fear to do some tasks because you think you might lose something or cause some trouble; just find the root cause of your fears and replace that cause with a courageous spirit. “The word courage comes from the French word, le Coeur – meaning the heart.” Moreover, all your solutions to solve any problem are in your heart. Just replace your fears with empowering reasons and everything will become clear.

Note 2: Fear means also, “Forget everything and run” or ‘Face everything and rejoice.’ It’s your own choice to choose which side you fall on.

Learn To Learn From Losing

Learn to learn from losing and you will learn to succeed. You can only become successful in life if you learn to learn the positives from failures. In fact failure is the mother of success, successful people have learnt this, that’s why they fail until they succeed; you can never become a great success without going through failures or losing something. There is no way you can know love without knowing its opposite, that’s hate.

Successful people already know this, and if you think you are going to get successful by avoiding failure, by avoiding losing, you are definitely avoiding success; because failure supports success, and by avoiding failure in your life means that you will never accomplish anything worth on this earth, but only shoddy and pet activities. Success requires losing something.

Most of all; make failing, losing, your motivation, your mentor, your inspirational to make you reach your greater success dreams, make you reach a good life you desire, a better relationship you want, a better employee or business person you desire to become and best of all, make failing or losing your empowering teacher.