To answer this question fairly, we need to look at the background of Zambians vis-a-vis entrepreneurship.

When our colonial masters came to this nation about one century ago, their agenda was to ensure that the native Africans are raised to serve them. They themselves were products of the industrial age.

It was therefore sensible to ensure the Africans were trained to serve the system, which as you know was industrial in nature. The best way to do that was using the education system. Teach people sciences to get into technical positions in order to build, establish industry in its various facets (manufacturing, agriculture, construction etc). Teach the others on humanities to provide the support for the above.

This worked fine 50 years ago.    

Unfortunately the new economy and age (digital age) no longer permits this because so much has transformed. This is the age where large industry exists but with great automation, more efficient systems and less overheads. This means that we are now at a stage where performance rather than presence is rewarded.

Performance based pay is the new standard.

More corporations and companies are subcontracting and outsourcing much work that in the past age was employable and even pensionable. Now more than ever, the chances of even being employed in one place for over 20 years are very slim to non-existent.

So, why do Zambians fear? Because their mindset is cast in concrete by the education system. The system is designed to churn out workers, not innovative entrepreneurs yet.

I must however hasten to say that there is a shift in the education curriculum but then the process is slow and still filled with much theory and worst of all, still rewards MEMORIZERS, not INNOVATORS.

It is therefore now a challenge on those of you who are entrepreneurs or actively pursuing it to begin to instill THE SHIFT in mindset into that of entrepreneurship. Those who are afraid are that way because for decades THE EDUCATION SYSTEM has programmed you to be a SLAVE/WORKER of the industrial age setup.

Unfortunately, that age is gone, so you need to WAKE UP and make the shift today!