Like a child, money needs parenting.

Therefore, you must tell your children (money) what to do! If you cannot protect your child (money) it will run away (like rebellious children do!) It could even get kidnapped (stolen)!

 Also, money can bully it’s owner. Like a pushy child who bullies his parent to have his own way, money will constantly beg you to either be spent or wasted.

Thus, you must discipline your children (money) correctly. If you give in too often, your children (money) will take advantage of you. If you’re really bad with your children (money), it will give you more frustrations & stress (debt) than ever before!

However, if you protect your child (money) it will grow and become fruitful as it produces more in the future!

Like grandchildren (your children’s kids), your money will multiply and spread like wildfire (assets, investments, & family business growth). It will give you much joy!

Your children (money) needs a great parent (YOU). If you badly mistreat your children (money), it will quickly be taken away (jail).

If you take care of your children (money), they will take care of you in the future (successful retirement)! Will you become a great parent today?