To repent means ‘Re-Paint- you’re your attitude, action or your life from the unworthy road to a worthy road.  In the bible there is a word “Repent”, it means to ‘accept, correct, learn and grow from your mistakes’ and you will become wiser, stronger, mature and a better being than you where in past. Remember also that to repent means also to re-change or change your attitude, action or life. To repent also means to let go of the old, and move forward into the new.

But the problem comes in when you don’t learn from your mistakes or you don’t try something simply because you are afraid you might make mistakes, then change never comes in. That’s why we see most people going through the same living and life their grandparents and parents went through not simply because it’s what they want, but because it’s a safe, risk free and somehow easy cost less life, and also, simply because it’s the life everyone is living in that environment. It does not mean if everyone is doing it, that means its right, from all ancient times to date, the majority have always found themselves on the wrong side.

That’s why only a countable number of people are wiser, stronger and better in this world, simply because most people are afraid to make some mistakes that can make them wiser, stronger and better; many of others are in denial of the mistakes they make and blame it on others instead of accepting that it’s their own fault, and with this denial that is why most people remain and end up growing premature mentally old people. A worth lifestyle to be lived, does not always come from perfection, imperfection is a must too, it’s a process of that life too.

Mistakes are made or will be made unknowingly often, that’s why it’s very important to keep on repenting your attitude toward any mistakes your make, it’s all life and that’s the way it is. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from those mistakes.

The individual must confess that he has made mistakes by his own fault, his own most grievous fault. One’s mistakes cannot be called errors in judgment, nor is there any room to blame them on upbringing, or family, or mean neighbors, or government. This is true repentance of the best sort since we are prone to blame our sins on everybody and everything before we will take personal responsibility for them. 

Mistakes are only useful when you seek and find the true cause for that incident in order to grow from it. Remember that nothing happens for a reason until one finds a reason in it. Find the cause of your sins or mistakes, and replace it with personal responsibility, learn, correct and grow from those sins.

“A mistake is only sin when not admitted” – Buckminster Fuller

You don’t know everything, and you will never know everything simply because you were born with an empty mind, not born with a mind filled with it all, that’s one thing you must realize that for you to learn to do what you do now it was a mandatory that you will just have to make some mistakes to learn to do what you do now well and better, you believe it or not.

But the problem is that the things that matter most like great successes or accomplishments require making big mistakes, and that’s what most people are afraid of and never attempt to try; therefore with that fearful mindset, they just remain average ordinary people and continual achieving shoddy and uninspiring ideas and goals, and living unexciting lives too. Most people are afraid of greatness and comfortable with good.

There are only three types of failures in this world;

  1. Those Who Don’t Make Mistakes: These are dead people.
  2. Those Who Don’t Learn From Mistakes: These are idiots.
  3. Those Who Aim Low: These are poor ungrateful people to Mother Nature Abundance.  

If you don’t make some mistakes you as good as a dead one and you will forever remain a nobody, and even if you do make mistakes but you don’t learn from them, you will never change to any better life, and this were most people are, they make mistakes but fail to accept their own made mistakes simply because it’s what their taught in churches and schools that mistakes are bad, it’s a sin, its evil and if you make them, then you are a bad, an evil person, this is among one reason why most people remain living unexciting poor lives and also that’s why some people are in prison and are mentally in prison simply because they never accepted and never learn from their own made mistakes. Anyone who denials his or her own mistakes is a prisoner of his own mistakes.

Therefore to become successful in anything worth achieving with and for your life, it is worth making some mistakes in order to learn to make that ideal right in reality. Stop fearing to make mistakes, if there to be made, let them be made, this is all a design of life.

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over”
– Richard Branson.