There is nothing wrong with desiring good material things in life, but it’s wrong to let material things to take control of your mind and your life. Anything we let to control our minds, we let it have power over us, and we become a slave to that. And also it’s very wrong to desiring things that you won’t use or buying things just because you want to show off people who more especially who pretend to care about you. Never become a slave to material things you must be the master.

Desire things that will add value in your life and you have control of.

Desire to buy or own things that will impress you; not trying to impress others, often that’s being childish. As I said there is nothing wrong with desiring material things, but it’s how you desire and what you desire, is what is important for your life? I desire I have a Maserati Quattroporte Race-Bred Luxury Sedan Car too.

Desire to make a difference to your world, to create more advantages for others, and not to take advantage over and from others.

I desire good things, a good life, so I desire others to have good things too, a good life too. The good life I want for me is the good life I want others to have too.   

Of course to desire it’s a normal way of life because all good things begins with a desire, but make sure you desire and use your desire for a win-win with your fellow human friend, not win-lose, mainly win-lose desire leads to losing it all. Let your desires make someone else’s life inspired. Desire the good, be in control and share the good.