The reason why the world today is facing high unemployment level and financial problems is that people are not resisting change, and are resisting being changed. Today unemployment is a global problem simply because many people want the world of the industrial age to become the world of the technological age.

One of the causes of high rise of unemployment today is technological changes, were today technology (robots) is doing more than 50% of human labor.  Technology reduces employees and raises unemployment to those who resist changing their inner old industrial age mentality in this technological generation. Remember that you cannot operate with an old world mentality in the new world mentality. The rules have changed, so is money rules too, knowledge is the new money today but still many people are still thinking old industrial age as the only way to make money is having a job, for sure but not as was effective in the industrial age, and remember that today’s money is electronically and less physically like it used to be in the industrial age period and if you are resisting copying up with technology you are remaining behind more especially the technology and financially world.

Technology labor also reduces wages to cheap human labors; resisting changing from old ways of doing things in our societies causes all such unemployment and financial problems.

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It’s Time To Change.