Education is infinite, but not school. Education is a continuous development of our inner world. It’s when we develop our inner world, and then our outer world will develop as worthy our cause. Our outer world is the reflection of our inner world. And education means learning to control and develop your inner world.

And being educated does not necessary mean having chains of school-certificates, in fact that does not make you educated, education means having knowledge and understanding of how to use your inner world wisely. “An educated person is a person who has realized his internal world, developed his internal world and lead his internal world on constructive thoughts that benefit or will benefit his external world to work or will work on impacting progressive worth ‘ideals and activities’ for one or a few or for all your humanity, that results into environmental developmental progress”. 

Today, there is so much over load of information, both good and bad coming from all angles of life, but what qualifies an educated person in this information age? “An educated person of this generation is a person who has learnt or has been taught to seek information that awakens and empowers him and others to live better lives.” You can’t just learn anything even that which will not do you any good in life like most information we learn in school which has no value for our lives in the real world.

Valuable knowledge inspires within and inspirational is what motivates change outside. It’s seeking, acquiring and action empowering knowledge into meaning; this is what makes an individual become more valuable to his or her own society today. An educated person is an individual who has learned to turn information into meanings, meanings that creates value in many people’s lives; and that’s were change begins. All change begins with education.