Today in these technological period, technological machines will be consistently taking maybe over 47 percent of human jobs and increasing in the USA, what about the other part of the world, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe etc. This actually has become a burden for those still operating with an industrial age mentality simply because today than ever before in history unemployment has gone through the roof and wages coming down each day like no mans business, but many people are still holding on to old obsolete ideas of industrial age period of;

  • “Go to school, get good grades, get high paying safe secure job with benefits and your job will take care of you.”

For example in this video above of a Robotic Chef, do you think most Human Chefs have a brighter future job ahead?

How can a job take of you as school trains us when jobs are dispersing?

How can a job take care if your future when people are losing jobs?

How can a job take care of your future when a job has no future?  

Truth is, if a robot can do the job you do then you are not safe at that job. As said jobs have no future, people do. Your safety for your life is not in a job, but in yourself to prepare it for yourself. Jobs for the future will be jobs robots cannot do, and that’s the job you must prepare yourself for if you want to be on a safe side as an employee.

Today staying the same as was yesterday is dangerous, simply because existing on earth without thought is life-time wasted; and thought without learning is dangerous. People have to learn to adapt to changes and change will move together with them.

Technology means “Technical Knowledge” which means to learn to make machines more especially internet machines to work for you and do business for you with less and less of your energy. The purpose of technology is to leverage both mans mental and physical labor.

We are no longer in the 20th industrial age period, it’s time to change.