There used to be a time early in the morning my brotherand I went to the lake shore to buy fish; we found this man seated outside his house. Since we were not sure of the fishermen either they had ready come back or not, we decided to ask this man who had been there. My brother approached him, “Dad, we are asking…” He did not even finish his statement the man rebuked, “Who is your father! You have left your father at home to come and call me!”

“We know that you are not our father but we thought this is the formal way we can address you.”
“I am not your father!”
“My brother let’s just go.” I said.

We have people like that in homes, at workplaces and so on who wake up feeling offended when maybe none has wronged them. Sometimes you may wake up in that anger mood perhaps someone did something you did not like. However, anger is good at some point for controlling the situation. The problem is when it becomes excessively. So how can we make our day happy.

1. Start your day with a prayer. Before you begin to pray, you should think that you would pray and forgive for those who trespass against you. This will make you feel free and being able to interact with other people.

2. Choose to be happy. When you work up in the morning, just decide to be happy.

3. Quickly be able to forget the wrong things that someone has done in the course of the day. You must learn to forgive.

4. Motivate and esteem yourself. Sometimes you may fail to perform something well; this situation may make you feel wrong about yourself if you can’t become responsible on knowing how to treat yourself .

5. Smile. A smile is there to keep you in a good mood. If your expression is not happy, it can also make other people to give you back the same expression.

6. Do what you love doing. Do what makes you happy.

Thank you