Some people don’t measure up or to say they grow downward to success why?

  1. Criticize What You Want

This is like saying I don’t like that girl but you want to marry her so don’t you think your marriage will grow? It is the same thing. Some people hate to have what again they want to have and one of them is money. You will not have what you will criticize. period.

  1. Belief

Nothing can go beyond your belief system. Whatever you have today is equal to your amount of faith. If your belief is full of impossibilities, you cannot go above it.

  1. Thinking

Too many people hate thinking meanwhile they want something now is it going to be possible? Think small you have small, think big you have big things.

  1. Your Words

Many people don’t know what to say. They just rhyme and run anything that wants to come out of the mouth. They don’t realize that they set limitation in their lives to fail to reach a certain height.