Once you begin to truly and faithfully become responsible of your own thoughts, attitudes and actions, and once you begin to truthfully question your beliefs if they are empowering you or not, you will begin to have your birth right responsibility back to yourself.  

By becoming 100 percent responsible for your thoughts, attitude and action and unlearning the beliefs that do not empower you and relearning with empowering beliefs or habits, your birth right world will be reviewed to you. Success is our birth right, and all success begins with having personal responsibilities of yourself for your life, here are them; 

  1. Having full control of your own thoughts or mind. Thinking for one self.

  2. Having full control of your own attitude and habits.

  3. Having full control of your own actions and results.

  4. Take full control of your future.

  5. Unlearning beliefs that no longer empower or enrich you, and relearn with empowering beliefs.

  6. Accepting and learning from mistakes; both your mistakes and others made mistakes too.

This is what makes the successful people in all areas of their life.  

The number 1 will make you own yourself, become yourself, understand yourself and create your perfect lifestyle you want. And these other 5 steps will put you in action to shift from a child-mindset to an adult-mindset. In short there are grown-up people who complain, blame and find faults in others, for example in the government, in their children, in their own failures instead of being responsible for their own failures; such people who do this are not fully adults yet, and they might grow up in big bodies, gray hair or even have children, but still be child in mindset.

One characteristic of an adult grownup person is taken full time responsibility to what happens to them; complaining, blaming, fault finding is all childish in mindset, this is not part of their life, their life style is take responsibility simply because it’s not what happens to me, but what I do to what happens to me, that’s what happens to me.

Problems Differentiates A Child From An Adult

It’s how we respond to our problem, that’s what differentiates a child from an adult. Children more often let others solve their problems for them; but an adult must solve problems, and not let others solve problems for him or her. But things have always been vice versa for some since ages, a grown up running away from problems, and a child solving grownup problems. The truth is, solving problems is our birth right power and responsibility, and all success comes as a result of responsibility, no success ever comes without responsibility.

And So,

And also as you own yourself, you will begin to understand that you are the creator of your life circumstances you face each day, and also you will begin to understand other people too as Novalis put it, “No one who has not a complete knowledge of himself will ever have a true understanding of another.”

Owning yourself means spiritually awakening the self and the self is what we are here on earth to manifest. We are here to manifest the beauty of God within ourselves. This is what Sun Tzu said, “Know yourself and you will win all battles.” Essentially he meant know your God within you, and you will know to answer all things for your favor and others favor. I love as what “CNN International News Broadcast” puts it, go “Beyond Boarders.”

Surely go beyond your human perception into spiritual perception and you will win all battles of your life. But all this begins with understanding of all your 6 birth right responsibilities. Success is our birth right responsibility, be fully responsible of your life.