When we were living with our sisters, our sisters had big dreams, but when they got married to those most men with small minds, our sisters dreams become like stranded water in the desert, not knowing where to go, and off our sisters dreams disappeared in the dry desert like no humanity or God’s business.           

Sometimes I ask myself, is this all my sisters thought will make them who they are, but ended up lost souls. I cry every day in my imagination that I don’t want no more of my sisters to be lost in these most cocoon marriages ranked it’s a holly blessed by God when my sisters dreams are despairing like I never existed. Marriage is a blessing, but a brush marriage is a joking story, and that’s where most of my sister’s dreams are crushed like I don’t exist. My sisters please marry a blessing, not a brushing.

I love my sisters, I love my mother’s because they have a life too, dreams more, not just a life of making babies and not just getting lost in raising babies and getting lost in jobs like man has gotten lost already into.

Yes, it might be your responsibility to bring humanity to earth, but my Sisters, Moms, Girls, Women; you have a life, dreams, not your life in man’s life or dreams, not even in a baby’s life. Neither is you a baby making machine. You are not born for your man’s or baby’s purpose, No; you have your own life purpose. And it’s your responsibility to claim your might courage today to live your own life.

I truly believe women have the greatest, strongest, courageous spirit in this universe and it’s their birth right too, and if a woman dreams is neglected, crushed, then happiness for mother earth a woman will never be of true value to me as a man. I truly believe what lives together must bring out to the maximum what’s it’s born with, so is our women must bring out what they are born with to share to mankind on this universe. If you can’t bring out and share your womanhood dream from within, then what the hell are you doing on this earth? You are a woman and you must bring out and share that your womanhood.

Women it’s time to pick yourselves up and show your best of what you are really truly made of. Everything for a best successful life is already within you. Ladies, girls, mothers, please support, inspire, motivate each other for success; if men can do it, what of you, we can do it more too.

The world is yours, you create the world and everything that creates has power, and you as women, you have that power as a god to create mankind, therefore everything you will ever want for any life you desire to live is already within you.

I dedicate these heartily felt words to my dearest sister Tina Chalwe who I truly believe in, on the photo, and all you Loving and Sweet Woman out there, for success is your birth right. Just accept yourself, and be all the best you are already born with. Success is your birth right and remember everything is all already in a woman. The world is yours.

From I, Maradona Chalwe
#1 Love For All You Women.