1. Not Saving: Most people blow their money on miscellaneous goods. When they see ‘X’ amount in their bank account, they automatically think of what they ‘need’ and purchase it immediately. However, this impulsive behavior must be eliminated. Rich people save at least 10% of what they earn and rarely take out personal loans for themselves, even if they think they need it. Save.
  1. Work Dissatisfaction: People is funny. During 50 weeks at work, most people think about vacations and when they finally get their two weeks, they only think about work. The truth about becoming rich is that you must enjoy the money that you already have, whether it’s $10 or $10,000. Your money will only expand if you appreciate it and think about how you can enjoy it more. You’ll always get more of what you enjoy.
  1. Working For Money: The majority of people in this world work for money, but rich people let money work for them. They know that their money will be a byproduct of the service that they render to the marketplace. Rich people also acknowledge the fact that their material wealth is the sum total of their entire contribution to society. That’s why they never work for money. They let money work for them!