“I think a person who takes a job in order to live,
that is to say, for money has turned himself into a slave” – Joseph Campbell

Money does not talk, walk nor have energy, but the unconstructive thoughts and emotions that we govern around money is often the main problem for most people. Imagine this, how can you become a slave to something that does not walk nor talk? Just think about this, why become a slave to something that has no power to command or control you?

Money does not talk, people talk, you talk, money has no energy, you have the energy and money does not walk, you walk with it in your pockets.  Money is just a tool or resources you use in exchange to get what you want. Money is a value for value exchange tool you use to exchange for that value you seek to buy or to sale. Money is the harvest reward of the products or services you planted if your intention was getting money in return.

The reason why some people will continual working hard for money instead of money working hard for them is they where unconsciously conditioned with such beliefs that; money is there master, money talks, money makes the world go around, money solves all problems, money is hard to get, money is hard to get, etc; and that’s the reality money has become to such people. It’s what you think and believe money is that is what money becomes your reality. And also your thoughts and beliefs are what create the emotions that you surround yourself around money.

The belief that money is a master has two effects towards your emotions you put around money; its either you become a master of your emotions towards money, or your emotions master you towards money. The belief that money talks, and when you have no money you are ‘deaf,’ this is stupid and entire symptom that you are still a slave to money. The belief that money solves all problems; what a lie, from my own experience, it adds more poverty problems to the poor and middle class, and adds more opportunities to the rich to become richer. The belief that money makes the world go round; please the world is already round, how can money that does not talk and with no legs to wake make the world go round again. The world was there before money, take that into consideration. 

The belief that money is hard to get, money does not grow on trees is one conditioning that makes people become employees, work hard for money; reason being that, it’s what they believe that money is hard to get, so that’s what becomes there reality. And also they are conditioned that the only fast and easy way to make money is to get a job; that’s why when it comes to money, the only skill most people know is to work hard for money as an employee. This belief thinks and controls many, and what thinks for you is what becomes your life in reality. Moreover, it’s not money which is hard to get for most people, it’s not having a money mindset; most people have a poor mindset.   

For example: If you want to get on a Plane to Europe from India, what do you do first? You think, if you have money or not. Not money thinking, money does not think, you think. So, from there, if you have money in the bank or pocket, you then buy the Air-Ticket to get to Europe, and if you have no money there then, you have to think of ideas to make that money so that you buy that airline ticket to Europe.  

Therefore process here is, to get money we must give out something first. If you have an idea that you can sale, that can create a product or a service, you will then get money by selling or sharing that ideal product or service to an individual, people or a community. Money is the end result of an idea which is a thought. After getting that money through the harvest of your idea, you can also use it as a tool to get whatever other things you want that can be exchanged with money or other things that money can buy. In short, money is an idea, so don’t become a slave of other people’s thoughts; work on your own ideas.    

The simple difference that differentiates the poor from rich people that many people don’t pay so much attention to and that has not been questioned by many people is, the poor and middle class people work for money and employers, but the rich have 4 or more labor workers who work for them. Here are the four tools that work for the rich and make the rich richer;

Money: Money is a servant that works hard for them, to create more money coming in. Rich people use money to create more businesses, create more investment, build more assets and buy more business and also creating more rapport relationships. But the poor and middle class it’s the opposite, they work for money.

Employees: Are tools that work for the rich to make more money, business products and services. An Employee is a tool too, like money is a tool too, who work for the rich man’s ideas, company or business, or dreams. That’s why they are called employees or servants.

Mind: Mind was meant to work for man, not man to work for mind, but mind works against most people because they don’t know how to think. It’s what you think in your mind, that’s what you attract, create and become in your lifetime. “It is as you think, so you shall become”, simple. The employee ended up an employee because he or she thinks of employment, and an entrepreneur ended up an entrepreneur because he or she thinks of entrepreneurship.

The rich people understand that their mind is there servant, that’s why they are always careful with the thoughts, advice and association they entertain in their minds and lifestyles too. Therefore, the only difference between the rich and poor is simple; the rich people think rich, and the poor people think poor.   

Machines: If an employee, money, and mind can make a rich person richer; even machines too make that fortune. Machines too are money creators too; just imagine this; this real truth. Robotic machines, technological and internet inclusive.

Now you can imagine why entrepreneurs, business owners, investors or employers become very successful rich with their lives because of these 4 tools. The main problem also with the poor people is they don’t like to read wealthy information; they have bad reading habits. Rich people read success books, buy books, attend seminars, consult successful people in the area they want to be successful in, develop attitudes of those who are successful already, that’s why they become successful. Everyone is born to succeed, but you have to learn to learn to earn learning success and you will become successful. You can’t get wise or successful with an idle negative poor mind. Therefore, some rich guy put it clear this way;

“It’s stupid to work hard for money; work hard for knowledge.”

Robert Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur, Investor, Educator,

Best Selling Author: “Rich Dad Poor Dad”