The problem is so main students or people are so desperate to get a paycheck job so they can start earning as quickly as possible, instead of being so desperate to learn more of how to make money from multiple sources. Truth is, the more you learn, the more you know, so is the opposite, but the problem for most people when it comes to money, it’s the opposite, they learn little, know little about money and expect to earn more with little knowledge about how money is made and works.  

The greatest problem with most people who know little about money is that once they start earning from that salary, they even stop asking for other jobs to make extra money. A paycheck mainly stops many people to stop growing, changing, dreaming and stop to think of creating other income sources, in short majority of people become fixed and glued to one income source, and that’s no other than a paycheck, and a paycheck has been defined as the bribe they give you to forget your dreams.

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And if it’s those in self-employed business, they also only get glued to one income source from that very small business, and such people their business is only hand to mouth business, or mammy dad business. Employees and self-employed people work for money, simply because when they stop working, income too, stops coming in, that’s why the billionaire investor Warren Buffett said “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. This is what happens to employees and self-employed people who only believe in one income source, only in a fixed salary.   

If you earn from a job, but you can’t expand other means or sources of earning incomes, and you are comfortable just like that, you are in deep shit, if not yet, it’s just a matter of time. The problem of earning only from a job is that it limits you, puts you in short-term sight, and closes the mind from learning what you can earn beyond the job, simply because what you are only earning is limited within a job circle.

Today fixing yourself to only earn from a salary is a suicide mission, its suicide because of high cost of living and eating, taxes getting raised every after then, inflation as if it’s no mans business, school fees you even know it, oil or gas going up, bills getting raised, electricity and medical bills are being raised often, and no pensionable jobs today, these expenses never lets go of an employee paycheck; in addition our governments are broke too and cannot fulfill the good life they promised its citizens. All these mentioned bills and taxes are part of our lives today, you can either let them take control you or you take control them.

Bills, taxes, food, transport and oil prices, are being raised often after often, but employees salaries are getting lower and lower, employees paid lower and lower wages at jobs, when everything else we buy using money is becoming more costly day after day. That’s why believing in a salary as the only way to living life is a suicide mission today. And the article photo explains more for the people who only believe in a fixed salary to make a living verses inflation.     

Thinking one only way to doing and having things in life limits people lives, especially a fixed salary, and this belief that getting a job is the only way or only idea to make money narrows many people’s thinking and limits main from never entering world entrepreneurship where abundance is found. But if you think, what is money? Money is just an idea, and the only idea many believe in is to make money through a job; this simplifies that, majority of employees only know one idea to make money, and that’s a job only, that’s why they stick to a job as the only idea to make money. The reason why majority people get a job is because they are only taught one idea to make money, and that is only

“Go to school, get good grades, look for good job paying job, and a job will take care of you” that’s all students are taught in school when it comes to the world of making money”.

They is no financial education in our schools, but only employee education, that’s why students only end up looking for job opportunities in our communities instead of looking for businesses opportunities that will serve themselves and their community at large. Employees only serve themselves and their family, while entrepreneurs serve their communities and world at large. A friend Prince Lungu posted a comment on his facebook account that said,

“You panic because you have an M.B.A. M.D or Ph.D but no Job? Jobs are reserved for those who don’t have wealth creation in mind; jobs have barred a lot people from being rich. You are highly favored, stretch your mind and create your wealth.”

Which is true, 99 percent of people who get a job have no wealth creation mind, that’s the reason they go for a job they have been only taught to believe, only see what everyone else is doing in their family as the only way, only taught to believe what school has conditioned them as the only the way, the only answer and the only process to make money, only through a job. It’s true what Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said, “A Job is a limited solution to a long-term problem”.

That’s why employees work for a single limited idea, a job; which is actually limited for a fixed salary or predictable salary, and that salary has fixed time to work, they like it or not. You can imagine, time is fixed, job is fixed and money is fixed, many of them too have ended up being fixed at same environment, same country, same car, same food, same friends; in short same way of lifestyle.

Truth is, once you believe in a fixed salary or income, you are lost. Why get up every day and go only work for a fixed income, when their many other ways of increasing your sources of income? And never take the time to ask the question yourself, is their other ways to earn the money I earn from this fixed salary I have?

Maybe that’s also the reason people with job-mindset move from job to another job because they have a fixed mind only fixed on a job. Please as you read this article open your mind, start to think; Mr. Alvin Toffler put it this way; “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Beliefs are always changing, so you should be changing too; work to make your income be unpredictable. The rules of money changed a long time ago, the old world of believing in a job as the only way to life, is an old story, things have really changed more and changing more rapidly even now.

And the only way you can create multiple sources of income today with or without a job, is to become an entrepreneur, a business owner, or an investor, and among the one business that will give you that access to become an investor or build your own business, is Network Marketing Businesses, that makes it possible to earn multiple sources of unpredictable incomes. First get financially educated, then start a business or businesses, invest money in assets that generate cash flowing into your pockets and bank account, but this all begins with financial education first. And always remember this, the future belongs to entrepreneurs.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn” – Alvin Toffler