Life is an everyday changing process, and must be an everyday learning process. But if you keep own doing the same things you did yesterday, today, and tomorrow, you will keep own getting the same results each day that comes.  Someone said, “Madness and insanity is doing the same things while praying to God for change things for you.” Spending years just doing the same things brings diminishing returns. In fact doing the same things every-day becomes is a useless routine, how and why? You stop growing, as said by Bob Riggs that “Once we stop reaching, stretching, seeking and risking, we actually stop growing”.

It’s this same routine that makes a job become a worthless and less, boring and useless routine, simply because you keep on doing the same things over and over for a week, a month, a year, even years, and still continual getting the same results years after years. Some employees are even proud of themselves by saying, “I have been doing this same job for 15 years, I know it better than anybody else at this company”, I would say that 15 years performing the same job qualifies this person in a rut race trap, not an advancing person. Some people had only 5 months experience at a job, and have been doing the same job for 20 years, but claim to have 20 years experience when they only had 5 months experience at that job, the rest of those years was just repeating the same things over and over.

Is this what employees are proud of?

Let’s get serious. This is why we find that most employees stay the same and experience the same lifestyle for years and years, simply because they keep on doing the same job over and over without ever thinking of improving it or trying other areas that can improve their lives, in fact most employees wait for the company, employer or government to improve their lives, and not themselves.    

Most people are spiritually and mentally stuck in jobs that their scared to death to take a risk to get out of that rut-race comfortable zone trap. People with a job-mentality think the only meaningful routine each person should go through in life, is getting a job. This is the reason majority of employees get stuck in an employment world, because that’s what they have been trained to believe to be true only. Most people have been programmed to work for others, so they work harder for others, for years and years because that’s what they have been programmed to do so in school. School is a factory they manufacture employees to work for the rich who own those factories.  

“School is a factory they manufacture employees to work for the rich guys”

Ignoring to learn to explore other areas of life is what gets most employees stuck in an employee system, simply because their minds have become too comfortable with only one same, safe risk free routine of work, and for that, they is not much or no thinking at all, just easy done, easy goes tasks. When a job becomes risk free and easier, that’s what keeps majority of employees comfortably stuck in an employment process.

It is what Bob Riggs said about how dangerous the risks free activities and the comfort zone becomes when what you do becomes comfortable and easier as;

“Many of us have established a comfort zone in our lives. We’re just coasting along taking the path of least resistance, and just getting by. This is a very common and understandable attitude. We’ve all worked hard to get where we are and it may seem a good place to be. The problem with this is that once we stop reaching, stretching, seeking and risking, we actually stop growing. The comfort zone frame of mind is settling for what we are Today.

That may be fine today, but without continued growth, WE ARE NOW ALL WE ARE EVER GOING TO BE. If you’re in a comfort zone, beware – the danger of a comfort zone is that it doesn’t hurt and may even feel good.”

The only change for majority of employees is simple, easily told and same process they go through life;

“Simply get a safe secure job, buy a car for some, build a house or buy a house, get an advanced school certificate, or work very hard in order to get promoted with a salary increment, save money for a rain day, others the only change is changing jobs and lastly retire with pension benefits to take care of you”.

This is an obsolete advice to go through life today.

From Monday – Friday going through the same work routine process, they have been programmed for a job; they “Get up early morning, get to work, back home again, watch news or television, eat with some socialization in between, sleep; the same routine continues tomorrow.”  It’s not different with the school system; they are similar routine systems. This is an obsolete way to go through life; it’s true what Earl Nightingale said, “An average person tip toes through life hoping they make it safe to death.”

What surprises is this, most employees keep on talking and complaining about their job working conditions should change, should improve, but they keep own doing the same things and expecting things to change when actually they are still doing the same things. How can you expect something different when you are still at the same or company job over and over? If someone does not like where he or she is, it’s her own responsibility to change it, if she cannot, let her change herself, if she cannot change herself, then it’s wise to just shut up. “If you don’t like where you are, change it! You’re not a tree” said Jim Rohn.

Ralph Waldo Emerson put it this way; “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.” If you want something different, you are going to have to do something different and provide that difference yourself first, don’t sit around complaining and expecting things to change without your effort, that’s insanity.

It’s the same us you want your salary to be increased without you adding more value and productivity to your company. The salary you are paid by your company is determined by the amount of value you add to the company. You have to add more value and productivity to your company or business if your salary or income is to be increased. Remember, you reap what you give sown. In fact, work is a blessing, and in all labour there is profit, but idle chatter leads only to poverty; so be wise enough to choose a job that empowers you to progress your life each day that comes of your lifetime.

There say an idle mind is a devils workshop, so keep on progressing your life each day, progressing your work each as our bodies keep on changing, so should be our work be changing, growing and progressing. Keep on taking risks, stretching and reaching for new ideas each day that comes along. Life is change; so is your work must change and progress every day.