I got this article title quoted by the multimillionaire and Rich Dad Poor Dad International bestselling author Robert kiyosaki who his rich dad taught him this wealthiest lesson that, “When you are young; work to learn, not to earn”. “In the entrepreneurship money world, if you learn more, you will earn more; if you continual to learn more you will continual to earn more.  But if you learn little, you will earn little, and if you will continual to learn little, you will continual to earn little”, that’s what Mr. Robert Kiyosaki mean, “When you are young, work to learn, not to earn”, by the way money is knowledge today, those limited to learning the knowledge of money will always be limited to earning money.

Get this point; sometimes learning to earn more money, you have to learn more for a longer period of time in that field, area or idea you want to earn money from. For example I never became an overnight success to become a good writer, it has taken me more than 6 years to become a good writer I am today. Success is not an overnight job, it takes many times and living many lives.         

I think one great quality that majority of families and schools are missing today that has also contributed to increase of misery in many people’s lives is; “Many people are not taught to learn how to earn learning.” Learning is earned, that’s why we have books of history wisdom of men and women, circumstances happened or happening, we have the world and universe, we must use all these things to learn from if we must earn learning. Learning is not something that comes into you and boom you become a learned person, but it’s something we must continual to earn, to seek, to acquire, simply because learning has no destination, it’s a never ending journey. Learning is infinite.

“Learning must be earned; and earning must never end, simply because learning is infinite”

– Maradona Chalwe   

The problem is we go to school to learn, but school learning has the opposite of learning, and that opposite of learning is limiting learning, limiting your mind, limiting your thinking, limiting your imagination, etc. And once your mind is limited, learning becomes limited too. Entrepreneurship has no graduation day, but school has a graduation day, that’s why you see students graduate with GOWNS that means “Go-Out-With-Narrow-Mind” in the society, it’s this reason you find students coming from college fail to do something constructive for themselves and society simply because they are always waiting for the government to give them a job instead of creating their own jobs. Many students are trained to be narrow minded and when you are narrow minded you are limited to learning, to earning and to living too.    

The problem with school training system is it focuses more on conditioning students to follow instructions and theories that do not even apply effectively after a student leave school. You see, life is richer outside school class room.

Majority of my friends and families, in truth, 99 percent of them focus on earning but with little learning, but not understanding that you can’t earn without learning, and you can’t earn more money without learning more about money, and today knowledge is the new money. And what school teaches students about earning money is little, which is actually limited within a job, a paycheck cycle. So, when a student finishes a university Degree, they go out with that fixed paycheck limited earned knowledge into employment process as the only way and only answer to earn money. As soon as a student begins to earn from a job, most of them even stop learning; because the mindset is already fixed to one income answer, a paycheck. It’s the same as what Zig Ziglar said, “A lot of people quit looking for work as soon as they find a job”.

People should begin to understand that earning from a job without financial education is labour lost, labour without learning is perilous. Labour is not a chaos as some perceive it, but it is cosmos honorable gift governed by infinite laws, that makes us realize that every condition is the result of a cause and that same cause invariably produces the same effects. Labour is the key that manifests our production and service in our environment. But chaos comes in when people do “blind labour” instead of intelligent labour, which actually brings about destructive conditions. You see blind labour comes in when people learn none or little, get conditioned to one answer as the only way to life, and such is a philosophy of school of “Go to school, get a good high paying job with benefits, buy a house, save money, marry and retire from a job”, is this all to life? Come on, life is more than this man made system mankind is programmed to follow unconsciously.    

In the Bible, in the chapter of Proverbs 14:23 says; “In all labour there is profit, but idle chatter leads only to poverty.” Now you may count how many employees who have laboured hard for many years and years but ended up in poverty after retiring from employment? That’s why I said earning from a job without financial education is labour lost, the problem is this, as I have even written this article many students are still heading in the same process, following the same process leading to poverty and misery, of labour without thought is perilous. Most students don’t even know the concrete reason they even go to school for, they just go because it’s what everyone else is doing; it’s historically proven that the majority have always often found themselves on the wrong side of decisions.   

The problem is as said in the beginning, many students never learn to earn learning, but only to earn from the job, which is the limited solution that leads to a long-term problem. You see, it’s not how long you work or how hard you work, but why you work. Every labour you perform, make it an opportunity to learn and grow from it. 

My advice is, if you really want to learn more, look for a job that makes you learn each day you work on it, a job that challenges you to think innovative, advance your skills, make you think independent and interdependent. Jobs that make you think outside a job-cycle mentality. A job that inspires you to start up a business, become an entrepreneur, or investor. In short a job that inspires you to contribute your personal ideal value to your world not just only yourself and family.

As you develop this attitude and work with this attitude, you can begin as an employee for a while to gain some wisdom, some momentum of how to build a business, how to run a business or company, once you learn – quit out, go become your own boss. To you, a job should be a short-term awakening solution that should open your mental ears and doors for the long-term lifetime opportunities. This is how entrepreneurs get a job as a means to raise and gain both mental and material re-sources and sources that help them to make their ideas achieved.

Remember that, when you are young, work to learn, not to earn; and when you learn, work to earn. And then continual the same process, simply because learning never ends, so is earning never ends.