2018 is a good year to start your own business and I present to you 18 businessidea that are associated with event management with many been hobby oriented.

These kinds of business ideas can be done on a part time bases if you are working elsewhere or you can go into them full time, as some events such as wedding ceremonies are now taking place during working days unlike when they use to be on weekend just.

1: Wedding Deco

Everyone be it at a wedding or any other event wants the best and uniquely fancy of their events. If you have a hand in decor or you have interest to offer decoration services well, you can make a fortune with this business.

2: Tents Hiring

For those people who have tents or if you want to start up a business or a company. This can can a great idea where you hire tents of different kinds depending on events such as weddings, workshop or graduation events

3: Hiring Chairs

People have made some monies just by hiring plastic garden chairs to churches. This is also a good business idea that you can venture into. A number of people are now running to organise open air or garden events or in tents. You can start hiring chairs to people holding such events.

4: Wedding Couches

It’s so nice seeing the bride and the groom seated comfortably enjoying their moment. As this nice seating would require a nice well designed couch. You can buy some nice wedding couches that’s are nicely made and start hiring to different weddings.

5: Jumping Castle

Children and even young adults wants to have some nice time. You can start a business of providing jumping castle to kids events, play Parks or you can mount the jumping castle at busy places like malls and other places.

6: Wedding Gowns

With a number of people getting married and some people cannot afford to buy proper fancy wedding gowns and prefer to hire. This can be a nice business were you can open start hiring and selling of well designed fashionable gowns.

7: Events MC

Every ceremony or event needs a facilitator, a master of ceremony. If you have public speaking skills, this can be a nice venture to make money using that skill at different events.

8: Sound System for Hire

Almost every event now can’t happen without sound system to help communicate with an audience. Providing this service to events can be a nice idea for a business.

9: Lighting System

Lighting systems at different events makes an event looks colourful and full of life. Who wouldn’t want to have their event looks appealing. If you have what it takes then this can be your business idea.

10: Stage Hire

Hiring a stage for events, like those of musical nature, and others that may need a stage is another good business idea to go into as the demand to provide a stage is growing.

11: Dance Group

It can be a cultural or modern dance group as long you align this business idea with your market needs, this to is a growing venture that can be fully turned into income generating venture. Provide dance groups to cater for various events, be musical videos, government ceremonies, weddings and so forth.

12: Video Filming

Who wouldn’t want to capture their memorable events for future use. People needs musical videos, documentaries, commercial adverts, wedding and other events. There is too much room to venture into this business, just be unique, creative and boom you will be there.

13: Venue Hire

If you have a big open space or land. You can develop it into a venue centre for various functions; it can be a green grassed place. People do open air events some can mount tents. This also is a great business idea.

14: Catering

Outdoor or indoor catering at various events is another growing field as people hold more of events. You can be on top of the game by providing tasty, delicious, healthy with a unique touch. If you so passionate about catering then this is your field.

15: Waiter

Looking at a number of events been hosted, providing waiters and ushers to help run the activities can be a funny and rewarding business.

16: Events Security

This is another business idea that you can make use of. Providing security to various functions with a team of young people who you can hire.

17: Event Planning

If you like planning, organising things, you can make that hobby or a skill to be a business idea by offering that service for money to various people who may need your skills.

18: Event Management

You can go into full time event management if you have the capacity by offering more than three of the ideas above. You run the event from start to finish, from planning, providing equipment to coordinating the event.