Our lives are often lagged or accelerated by the beliefs, suggestions and advices that come from the thinking of governments, schools, friends, families, religions and our own selves that many of us accept, have accepted and act upon without questioning them if they are moving us back or moving us forward.

Here are the 3 impressions of fear, insecurities and limiting beliefs that have barren multitudes of people that so many have not taken time to seriously and critically question if there are lies or these are truths. Most people don’t speak for beliefs, beliefs speak for them.

Deadly Belief #1: Money Is The Root Cause of All Evil

I have visited a number of churches, some through invitation or others just by willingly. They talk about raising church building money, raise money to use in order to spread the gospel to reach a great number of people out there, preach about being faithful to bring tithing to the church, but at same time preaching that money is the root cause of all evil. Why preach to bring money in the church if it’s evil? Misunderstanding here.

“For the love of money is a source of all kinds of evil” says, 1Timothy 6: 10 in the Bible.

Main people have misunderstood this; the scripture is not taking about money here, its talking about an individual. It talks about the person who loves money to an extent that he uses and makes money through ways that affect other fellow human being including animals too, evilly or negatively. How can money become evil that does not talk, does not think neither does it walk?

For example, someone uses a knife to kill the other person, can you say the knife is a criminal or the person is the criminal? Guns don’t kill people, it’s a person who kills another person by using a gun, and so is the money too. Money is a tool, as the knife is a tool too.

By the way loving money has no problem; it’s the way of acquiring and use of money that matters. Are you acquiring or using money in a harmonious way or wrong way. Money has no problem; the problem comes from man, not money.     

The bible scripture says it clear here that, “For the love of money is a source of all kinds of evil. Some have been so eager to have it that they have wandered away from the faith and have broken their hearts with many sorrows.”

Christian followers and believers are among the poorest people on earth but with its multitrillion dollars empire churches. I think religion preachers who teach money is evil are the ones even contributing more people to be experiencing poor miserable and unexciting lifestyles. Ignorance and lack of understanding about this scripture is not bliss, its poverty, stupidity and sickness. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with having, loving, liking, desiring and using money in the harmonious way, in truth everyone deserves to have more money; but it’s a problem to having, loving, liking, desiring and using money in an evil way that hates, and affect other people’s lives negatively, that is the source of evil. Evil is mans wrong intentions towards money.

And people who have used money in an evil or stupid way, we have heard so many stories about them; others are sick, killed, put in prison, lost loved ones, miserable, in poverty now, etc; it’s just simple to understand “what goes around comes around”, “You reap what you have sown” that’s what we get back. It’s how you use money unto others, is what is brought back to you. 

Money is not evil, money is good and we must use it wisely to help ourselves, others and our business to create more harmonious conditions for others and ourselves. We all deserve to have more money. That’s the reason abundance is our birth right. Christian churches must stop manipulating its followers and believers when it comes to money. Please let’s overcome this negative notion that money is the root cause of all evil; man is, the root cause of evil.   

Deadly Belief #2: To Make More Money or Get Rich You Have To Get A Job

This is a government and school philosophy, which the poor and middle class believe in. well this is an illusion, to me. This is a lie, even if you have never been to school; you can become rich and you can make more money. Money has no gender, and no grades; it’s for everyone willing to make it. Money is an idea, money is thinking; you don’t even need to get into university to learn to think or learn how to make money, you just need to learn from those who are already making it.

And money has nothing to do with becoming an employee or getting a school certificate, you can make money with or without being an employee or going to college.

Remember what we said, money is what you think and believe it is; so if you think and believe money can only be attained through getting a job, then that’s what your reality will become. But you can never become rich through a job, because a job always gets in the way of getting rich.  

So if you are already mentally programmed as an employee, you will end up becoming more of an employee and these are the guys who move from one job to another job, chasing money and working hard for money.

One of my relative just within the period of 5 years, she changed two to three jobs. It’s really true what someone said that, “It’s crazy how some people feel that Five to Ten years being an entrepreneur is a long time to achieve a level of success and wealth but don’t feel that 40 years at a 9-5 job is a long time to stay broke.” 

Emerson put it clear that, “A person is what he or she thinks all day long, so is what he does and becomes all day long.” If you believe that the only way you will make more money is to have a job, that’s your reality.  

You don’t need to get a job or go to school to make money or get rich, all you need is just true financial-education from people who are rich already, people who have already accomplished financial freedom, and there everywhere. You can learn through their books, audios, websites like this same one, seminars, and you don’t even need to meet these people personally to learn, you don’t need to meet Donald trump, Robert Kiyosaki, George Soros, Warren Buffet or Aliko Dangote, etc; they have written books and produced audio books, and videos on financial education, you can buy such and begin to learn.

If you have an opportunity to meet or attend their seminars, that’s great, but truth of life; “If you want to achieve something worth, you have to begin with what you have” and it’s easy these days to buy a financial book or go to the library and begin from there to learn on how to make money, even if you have not gone through university or you don’t have a job, their other many ways to achieve become financially successful.  

Learning does not only happen in school classroom, it also happens outside school classroom. Cut this belief that you can only learn to make money or more money only when you go through college, that’s a myth. In fact those who are wealthy in this world, many of them never even finished school. Get this point, “Wealth is created by what you do in your spare time. Wake up, folks! You’re not going to achieve wealth working a 9-5 jobs” said Robert Kiyosaki, author Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Deadly Belief #3: Money Is Limited And Hard To Get

Money is not limited or not hard to get; its thinking that is limited and hard for most people, that’s why so few engage in it. In truth the greatest torture for most people is to think and to make them to think. It’s true what somebody said, “What you can achieve is only limited by how far you can think.” Some people think small and others don’t even think at all, there are like robots; there are only run and controlled by beliefs made by other people.  

Life is what you accept; here are the subconscious-belief word phrases that I often hear every day from friends, family members and some other people I come across each day, which actually has made and makes people get poorer each day; and also commonly used by the poor and middle class people;  

  • I can’t afford that amount
  • It’s too expensive
  • Only those with more money can afford that
  • You have to work hard to get money
  • Money is hard to get
  • These days money is hard to find
  • Money is difficult to keep
  • The rich are greed, they hold on to money that must circulate in the country
  • Our country has shortage of money circulation, etc

Like I said, money is what you think it is, and phrases like this is the reflection of a person’s mindset, and that’s what a person gets in reality and experiences as their reality. This is what I call the language of the poor. 

How your mind is set is the reflection of your attitudes, beliefs and your lifestyle in reality. And this is what differentiates the poor from the rich people, just words. In the bible there is very wise sentence that says; “In the tongue, there is power of life and death”, Proverbs 18:21. Meaning that the tongue (words) we use is the reflection of our own mindset, and that’s what we either are, become and live, if not yet, it’s just a matter of time our words will be our lifestyle.

Being poor is mindset, so is being rich mindset too. It all beings with our mindset, our thoughts expressed as words, our beliefs expressed as actions and they become our reality and truth; nothing more nothing less. Also there are no poor countries in this world, there are only set poor minds living in a country. So are the words we use towards money, has power to make a person poor or become rich. If you say money is hard to get, it will be hard to get, and if you say you have to work hard to make money, you will be working hard to get it.

“There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people thinking big enough” said Grant Cardone. Be careful what you believe in, your beliefs become your lifestyle; believe in beliefs that prosper your life. Remember abundance is our birth right, and there is enough abundance for everyone in this world. Abundance is your birth right.    

“Your thoughts are the tools with which you carve your life story on the substance of the universe. When you choose your thought, you choose results” – Imelda Octivia Shanklim, Author: “What Are You”, 1865-1953