It matters most the attitude of your employer on you,than the attitude of your employer towards the job you do. The reason why most employees never progress their lives while at a job, matters most who they work for at a company or who supervises them at that company. It’s not just getting a job that matters, it’s what you feel and become inside yourself at a job that matters most to your personal life, and others lives too, especially your family.            

A good employer inspires his employees to successfully grow in either one or two or all anchor areas of our lives, from spiritual, emotional, mental, to physical and material inspirational; he understands that when his employees get better and more productive in these areas, they will become more productive with their job performance too. He is awakened that if an employee is in good condition the job will be in good condition too.  

A good employer understands that no one is self-centered; we all need a helping hand from someone to do or achieve something big or something worth achieving. A good employer understands that if I have to increase productivity for my business, I have to increase productivity in the people who work for me or who work around my business. This is true because a person is the one who starts a business, who works the business; not a business starting itself or working itself. 

That’s why you will find that companies that perform well and have continued to perform well over decades and decades, this is the secret they use on their employees. Other companies or businesses organize Employee Empowerment Training Seminars, or buy books that will inspire employees to work to increase productivity, other companies use bonuses or promotions, but more important of all, to increase innovation and productivity at a company, inspiration is the first principle that every business that wish to perform well, must use.  

If the company has to continual to improve and grow, it must continual to improve and grow the people who work around that business or company, Why? Because employees are the ones that work your ideas around your business; the employer can come up with a vision or an idea to improve the organization, but it will require people to work on it, and whether you have one employee, he or she needs improvement, if the owner desires to grow and improve the business. If you are your own employee, you are the one who needs to be improving and growing. Your business can only grow if you do.  

Grow and improve your employees, and you will grow your company or business too. Building the strength of those working for you will ultimately enhance your company.  And you can tell a good employer through these qualities they poses;

  • Commitment: To Integrity, Respect, Honor, and Trust between employers and their employees.
  • Cooperation: To Convince, Encourage improvement and Coax between employers and employees, and Right Team work.

Such employer qualities are what create freedom of new creative ideas from employees that improves businesses or company production. Also such qualities I have mentioned above are what create a long-term sustainable commitment, and cooperation, and also including a long-term employer and employee rapport.

A good employer trains his or her employee to take control, to take responsibility of their own job, so that must not be there to tell them do that, get that, don’t do that; in short they teach their employees to become leaders of their job, not them leading an employee’s job. They teach employees to take control their jobs, as Founder of Papa John’s Company John Schnatter told Entrepreneur.Com in Washington D.C., during National Small Business Weak that, “I don’t think you can control people. I don’t think you manage people. I think you give people a direction, you give them the resources, you lead by example. That goes from Top to Bottom, then I think people will manage themselves, they will motivate themselves”.  I remember what Mr. Robert Kiyosaki once posted on his Facebook page that; “I’m constantly pushing people to venture into business and investing. This includes my own employees”, Mr. Kiyosaki improves employees personal financial lives too, as I said in the beginning that “It matters most the attitude of your employer on you, than the attitude of your employer towards the job you do”. Some employers don’t even care who you are, or were you come from, were you want to go or whatever from you; all they care about is you are doing the job they employed you for, that’s all, that’s their business to them.

Like I said, “It’s not just getting a job that matters, it’s what you feel and become inside yourself at a job that matters most to your personal life and others lives too, especially your family”. Stop working for employers who don’t care about who you are, and what you feel, your life is more precious than a job, you can create your own job too; its man who creates jobs, not jobs creating man. Love yourself.