I previously wrote an article on “What type of employer do you work for?” were I said “It matters most the attitude of your employer on you, than the attitude of your employer towards the job you do”. Now, what type of a boss or employer do you work for, is he or she an inspiration or coercion to you?

An inspirational boss focuses on what’s in it in you for us; but a mediocre coercion boss focuses on what’s in it in you for me. One is focusing on both-win, the other is focusing on alone-win.

What type of employer do you work for?

Most people just work for anyone as long as they is money, but not knowing that it’s not just the paycheck, it’s not just the money,  but what how you also feel and become at that job or place of work that’s what matters most. Most people are frustrated at their jobs, but they just keep on going for that same job even when their other alternatives to do other things better than the job environment that makes them feel and become bitter and frustrated 6/7 days a week. How you feel at a job affects your personal life either negative or positive, and not just your life, but others lives too, more especially your families lives.  

Mostly mediocre bosses focus on your outcome put, and give less thought or attention to your input, how you feel, who you are or where you come from, or were you are going. I define input as the employee that labour and keeps the business products or services produced and distributed; if you are self employed don’t become yourself mediocre employee, some self employed people are. 

Mediocre employers don’t care about most things their employees are going through at a job, all they care about mostly is their own business, their own feelings, the money they get, how the employees should work more and more. It’s what is in it for me, not for us. In fact Tamara Reneye said, “Some people will only love you as much as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where the benefits stop”.   

But it’s not just employers only; some employees are just mediocre too, no matter how the employer might do good for them, they still continual to remain and become mediocre.

The point here is, it’s very easy to know a mediocre-employer if you are awakened, you can tell them by such attitudes;

  • Coercion: Pressure, manipulate and intimidating employees.
  • Control: Force, Fear and Threatening employees. 

This is actually what results some business to just function within a short-period of time, if not; then it’s full of employee problems, stealing, firing, delayed salaries, and down fall production or services.

This universal principle applies in every area of our lives, from business to relationships; “That do unto others as you want them to do unto you”. If an employer is using such above attitudes to his employees, karma never misses, let’s help each other forward.  

The personal question I will leave you with is;

What Type of Employer or Company Are You Working For? Is it an Inspirational Company or a Coercion Manipulative Company? Be honest when answering this question to yourself, all the best.