Often people I meet around, either for a drink or just some conversationon bus or shop or any where we meet, always ask me this questions often;

Maradona how do you find or see opportunities that you work on?

I usually outline these steps to them. If you really want to see opportunities, it is often said that optimistic people see opportunities in problems, but pessimistic people see a problem in opportunities, but an optimist also sees an opportunity in the already opportunity there. Two people seeing the same problem, but different perception of how they see that problem.

These are the steps you must follow if you want to see opportunities wherever you go or wherever place you find yourself at;

  1. Develop An Open Mind

Welcome everything, but select the necessary and let go of the unnecessary. Develop the curiosity to learn, to explore, and to expand. Don’t say no to things you don’t know, listen and learn. Train your mind to see opportunities. You don’t know everything, open your mind to everything that comes, but select the necessary.

  1. See With Your Mind

Great opportunities are not seeing by sight, but by faith, and faith is an inner sight. You see opportunities with your inner eye, your mind.

  1. Accept All The Opportunities

Accept all opportunities, but select those that interests you or those that you know will drive you to your success. It is said that you get to see more opportunities in those areas that interests you. Therefore, be curious to welcome all opportunities that comes your way, then that’s when you can choose the one opportunity you would want to venture in.

  1. Take Action and Make It A Life

Accepting an opportunity and not taking action upon it is waste of time and thoughts and life too. Take action and make that opportunity a reality. Please leave a comment below.