Vision today is not just a picture, a university graduation day,a job promotion, a super marriage, a dream or goal in your mind; vision is also having the knowledge of where you are coming from, where you are now and were you are going in future. Clarity of your vision will be defined by having knowledge of your past, your present now and your future tomorrow; its being without knowledge of these three that perishes many people.  

When it comes to a job and vision, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki put it very clearly that “A job is a short term solution to a long term problem”, and many people are still holding own to term short solutions, a job, and many even experienced the 2008 previous recession tragedy but learning nothing worth from that past. During the 2008 recession some people died, got sick, people panicked and lost more money because of fear, people become desperate and lonely, mentally confused, divorces rose up, crimes raised, poverty increased more, lost jobs and unemployment kept on rising, but still many to date have not learnt from that past tragedy; and their still advising kids to go to school, look for a high paying job with benefits and a job will take care of you, when we are now having few and few jobs on the market place each day that comes.  

When things get better, become normal and good, majority people forget the bad times instead of learning the lesson and prepare for the next bad time that could arise. People who don’t learn from history tragedy are the ones who usually forget the history so fast. Today the same 2008 economical recession down fall is reflecting up now, but many people are still comfortable simply because they have not learnt from history, there are comfortable were they are now because its comfortable, and cannot see how the future will become; and this how millions of people lost their jobs in 2008, of not having the knowledge of past, present and future.    

This is what the Proverbs 29:18 in bible mean, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Even people who have bibles today perish because they just read the bible instead of studying to understand the bible. To understand the bible means ‘under study’ the motives of the bible. Moreover, from the Greek Latin root Perish (Perire) is defined as “Pass away completely; waste away; decay; lose life; be destroyed; be ruined or lost, and utter loss of happiness in a future state” Now you can imagine how many lives got lost, ruined, marriages or families destroyed, health decay and how many lives died or passed away completely simply because of not having the knowledge that defines the clarity of their vision.   

Truth is, history has a tendency to repent its self, and still it will become a tragedy again for those who have not learnt from errors of history, and those who have not prepared themselves financially, it will be another financial, social and economic disaster. 

This is also very serious problem with people in the employment sector, they are busy wanting to earn, and neglecting to learn, they are busy chasing money instead of planning their financial independence, there are busy minding other people’s life businesses, and busy forgetting to mind their own life businesses, there are working hard for money, instead of working harder to plan and make money work harder for them, their busy working harder on other people’s dreams, and neglecting harder their own dreams.

Most people are busy chasing money, and too busy forgetting who they are. I found also out this when I was an employee, that motivation of chasing money makes you forget yourself, how capable you are, more especially those with impotent goals; even though some realize this truth; manly realize this when they have reached an old life were nothing much can come from them, it’s too late already for those gone wasted years.

Knowledge of who you are builds you to become a self reliant person. Knowledge of your past, and present now, awakens you to a brighter future. Knowledge is money today. Knowledge defines the clarity of your vision, and vision defines who you become with your life and others lives too. Make your vision extraordinary.