Death is a Normal, and instead of you worrying about death, why don’t you worry about the Evil consequences that would happen if you did not live the life you really wanted to live?

Death is part of life and its life. Instead of you worrying about death why don’t you worry of how stupid and foolish you will look at the end of your life if you do not live the life you really wanted to live?

If you are worried of death or you have a negative perception of death, chances are that will not likely live your life. You might die of poison, accident, sickness, but death is heath and normal, simply because it’s part of life, it’s what evolution life. You cannot run away from death, it’s a normal thing, it will come, you like it or not, so why even fear it, I would rather fear not living my life, not going for what I wanted. Listen you will always walk and sleep with death, it’s in you and you are death already. I remember the time I got seriously sick to the edge of death, the most issue that pop out most was, who is going to finish my books am writing, whose going to build the company am working on, and some guy is going to get that girl am after? It was not really death for me, but the life I have not lived to fulfill myself that I was fucking worried about.

Please, please your happiness, your fulfillment is more important to yourself. If you engage yourself in activities that do not enrich your life its wasted time and years forever. The moment I got healed from TB illness, within the period of six months I finished the 3 book manuscripts I was procrastinating for some years, now awaiting for publication. Great thanks to my brother and his wife, family members who were their till I got healed. All am telling you is this, smelling death is important and normal to awaken you to important matters of your life, that’s why it’s very important to experience your own life before you died.

It’s time to begin doing things you want, not what others having been telling you to want for years and years. Your wants are personal; no one will live your wants, but only you yourself. Go live your life, your wants please, death will always be there, either you don’t live your life or you live your life, it will always be there. Begin to live your life now, today; this is the only day you have.