To the poor and middle class group time is money, that’s the reason they trade their time for money, and it’s also the reason why they are called employees. But to a successful wealthy person, time is more than money, its life; it’s an asset, and a lifetime project. They use it wisely, and invest it wisely in order to gain profits. Successful people understand that money can be wasted, but its only money wasted; but if time is wasted, they have lost a part of their life.  

Wealthy people invest their time in building sustainable multiple passive income sources, assets, businesses, and investments that even if they stopped working, infinite money or income will continual coming in. But for the poor and the middle class group it’s a different world, they only have jobs as a way to make money, and when they are not working, money stops coming in, they stop having money and this is the reason why they say time is money because they trade their time for money; but for a wealthy person, life is money.

Same also to 99% of the self-employed people, when they are not working on their business, their business definitely will become a failure, income will stop coming in, simply because they are the business, they work for the business, instead of the business working for them.  

Time for a rich man is an investment, it’s an asset, and money is just the harvest (rewards) of the efforts of his or her time investments. The reason rich people keep on getting rich is, they have made time as their lifetime investment, the more they invest in time the more the rewards they keep on getting back. Entrepreneurs get paid for the value they invest into their lifetime, and the results or the money they are paid is the rewards of their investment. Wealthy people invest their time to build businesses and investments that generate cash flowing in and value empowering for their lives and others lives too.    

The rest invest their time in school for a job as the only way to make money, this is the reason why majority of kids from school end up becoming employees for the rich guys or the government. To a poor person time is money, they earn money through a job; and if they is no job, they have no time to make money; in this case, this is the reason why most people suffer from stomach hunger, and bills/Tax starvation. Stomach hunger is misery, is also be called poverty; it’s painful, it’s a damn tragedy, it makes people weak to think and poverty has conditioned many people to live and think under their means.

Poverty Is Fear Caused

It’s this fear of poverty that has made many men become a slave to money, slave for a fellow human being, and become an employee for a fellow man who has money they too can afford to create. It’s this experiencing of poverty that has made mankind to accept poverty as a way of life when it is not; that has made man to mind other fellow man’s business as the only way to survive with his life and his family too, when their other many ways to survive in life. Poverty has made man become a victim of hunger instead of being a victor of hunger. All this is caused in the name of a job philosophy, that time is money, trading time for money, and if there is no job, there is no money.

Having a job cannot end poverty, in fact it even increases poverty in some ways because one of the disadvantages of a job is that it blinds most people to fail to plan and take responsibility of their financial life, but only depend on the paycheck, on a job, on the employer and a company pension as their financial life plan, when all this is just a short term solution to a long term causing problems. The question is;

What if you get fired from a job and you are not financially stable yet?

What if you get sick or an accident happens at a job, you get hate, no longer able to work and you are not financially stable?

Today companies are unable to take care of the people who are unable to create value to that company, and jobs of today have no medical care or job security; jobs of today are at your own risk. You get sick, unfit to work, they replace you with someone else. A job must not be your financial security, it’s not your job either; build your own financial security. A job is just a short term solution to a long term problem. A job is limited, that’s why independence in a job is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Get this also, a job is a liability, you can’t pass it to your child or children or family. That is why a job is also a waste of life-time opportunities if you believe in it as a way of life. A job is just also a short-term pleasure to a long term-pain; most employees never see this when at a job, only when they find themselves poor after retirement.    

Remember that your time is your life, and once you waste your time, you have wasted part of your life. Money lost can be recovered and made more, but time lost, is gone forever and cannot be bought. Therefore, begin to invest your time in both short and long term value creating and bringing projects. Invest your time in building businesses and investments that you know will make you become financially independent. Invest your time in value creating and bringing ideas, read books on self help and entrepreneurship, hang around with people who inspire you to become best of yourself, listen and watch empowering documentations and attend empowering seminars. Think positive, successful, empowering thoughts; you are and become what you think; think the best thoughts you can.                                                                                         

“The moment you begin to think of time as precious and that it has a price, the richer you will become” said Robert Kiyosaki, author Rich Dad Poor Dad. Someone said, “Life is avoiding pain and gaining pleasure.” In deed it’s true, and this pain can only be avoided if you invest your time wisely.