How You Feel Is What You Do To Yourself

Most employed people I often meet, hate Mondays, why? They say it’s boring, the first day of work in a week is boring, and for me so is the next day of the week too. What I found out is that these employees don’t hate Mondays, they hate their jobs; but they still go for that job any way. But if the majority of employees hate their jobs, what is it then that keeps them going even if they still hate their jobs? It’s money, a paycheck, and for the majority of employees a salary at a job is more important than how they get hate emotionally at a job.

Employees who hate their jobs don’t know that what you hate, rules you, controls you, and leads your life, not you leading your own life, but hate. Many employees walk up in the morning rush for a job they hate; work very hard all day long because there is money, despite hating that job and a paycheck is what is leading many employee’s lives day after day, month after month, year after year, until retirement age, just only a salary. Some employees seem to enjoy their jobs when its pay days are nearer. And some other employees seem to accept and allow the drama of their abusive employers on them simply because their getting paid at that job and others fear that they might get fired.

  • But how can you seem to enjoy your job when you are working for an abusive employer?
  • How do you expect your job or employer to make you happy, when in reality you don’t like, you hate your job?
  • How do you hate all the working days at the job and only seem to enjoy only your pays days?

Must your job life be enjoyed every day, every minute you go to work or the other way round? You must be enjoying your job every minute, not the other way round. Bernard Belo Sitimba quoted “Enjoy your job or your job will enjoy you”.

Don’t Late Hating Your Job Enjoy You?

Remember that when you hate, you hate yourself; so if you hate your job, you are injuring yourself too. What you focus on is what you do to yourself. Why spend most of your lifetime and days doing what you hate? What you don’t like? For me that is pure clean self hatred. And self hatred is defined as knowing that you don’t like what am doing, but you still do it simply because it’s what everyone else is doing, or simply because there is money in it, as most employees go for the most. Selfishness is not living as someone wishes, but as someone else tells you to live your own life, that’s the definition of selfishness. Most people are in jobs not just because it’s the job they wanted, but because it’s the job their parents or family wanted and chose for them to do.

If you want your job to make you happy, begin to love your job. Your job will only begin to get better if you begin to love your job, and so you will too. It has been said for years now that do what you love and love what you do. If you can’t do that, change your job to the one you love or will love. If you can’t do that, change yourself, stop complaining and blaming your employer for hating that job, your employer never forced you to become his or her employee. You took yourself there. And if that can’t work, then create your own job for yourself, and if that now can’t really work, they is another way, “If you can’t find your job on this earth, just describe your job in hell please”.

And please if you are working for an abusive employer; find your way out that place, there are a lot of better employers you can work for out their; and also there are a lot of better businesses you can do for yourself out their rather spend your time with people who don’t care about your life; it’s your life, not someone else’s life, only you can make it better.

Please take full self responsibility and begin to love what you do, no one will do it for you, only you can. If you love what you do, you will love yourself too.

“You’ve got to love what you do to really make things happen” – Philip Green