No man owns your life. But man can control your life if you don’t control your life. You either run the day, or the day runs you. You only live to Day, so why not live your to Day? Your Now Day?

Listen, when the baby is born, it’s the responsibility of the parents to care, bath, feed, think for the baby, etc; what you cause, it’s your own responsibility. It’s the responsibility of the parents to take good care of the baby.

But when we become adults, it has to be different; but it seems for many people are still babies, still have the baby mindset of being thought for, controlled and being told what to do for their life. Some people never lose the I am a baby to my parents even in their adulthood life, they move from child baby to adult baby.   

When someone becomes an adult, they must fully own their mind, their own life choices and their own life responsibilities, but still some people  when they are growing up the less they own their life, the less they become responsibility of their own lives and the more some other people in fact a few, own and control their own lives.

As an adult you must put in consideration where your time, your days activities are spent the most into. Your time is your life, so you must consider where your life activity is spent the most in, and remember that if you spend your time in activities that do not enrich your life, its lifetime wasted forever.

You honestly must evaluate in what your lifetime is being spent in the most; is their more personal gain or more others personal gain? Are you running your life most times or your life is being run by others most times? And most areas you must evaluate the most of your are if you have a;

  1. Job: Is your life being controlled by a job, your employer or company most of your lifetime life at a job? Consider that you have dreams and goals you have to fulfill too, don’t spend your all your entire lifetime make other people’s dreams come true.
  2. Family: Your family is very important, but are you in control of your family or your family in control of your life? Most people work for their family that they end losing all days to work on themselves, their own personal dreams, goals and their own life.
  3. Religion: Most people their lives are run by religious or church beliefs most times of their lifetime, and when the religious beliefs are negative, they end doing and living negative too. You are your number one religion, work on your own self the most first.
  4. Friends: Most people’s lives are controlled by their friends instead of controlling their own lives. It’s not just having friends, but how your friend makes you live life.  
  5. Government: Most people think the government will help them live their own lives; but that’s not what the government thinks on you as its own name meaning; government simply means mind control, it’s their to control your mind for its benefit, wake up your mind and take control your own life. In fact the government has its own problems, don’t be one of the government problem; take responsibility of your own life.
  6. Business: Are you in control of your business or business in control of you? Wealthy people are in control of their businesses, while the self-employed are controlled by their businesses.

Always work hard to be on the side of controlling, not on the side of being controlled, the one who controls is favored the most by the angels. You and I are here to live our lives, and not to be controlled throughout our entire lifetime by our own same fellow human beings. Take control of your days, your life and live your own life.