Though many of us avoid talking about the wrong sides of the school system, today school has become a big problem and becoming worse more than it was in the industrial age generation. The big problem with school is as said by Lao Tzu a long long time ago before even the birth of Jesus Christ that “Give a man fish; you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life”, so are kids, students in school to date being trained to go work for a paycheck instead of being trained to create paychecks.

Students in university are taught to go feed on a paycheck instead of training students to go feed their own paychecks. School number one biggest problem is training students to depend on a few people for the things they are able to do for themselves even when there are still in school or not in school, for example;

Money Dependence: As young as 5 year old child can be taught how to make their own money, why the hell would you enroll a child for 15 years in school only to come out to go become a slave for money that even a 5 year old child can be taught to make on their own. Why waste 15 years in school to be taught how to make money that someone can be taught to make on their own in just weeks?  

Talent Taken Advantage of: Students leave school to get a job were their employer end up using their talents, abilities, creativity, and initiative to their own personal gain when the student employee gains little or none from their own talent use on a job or a company. In fact you don’t even need to go to school to know your own talent, we are living in the best times of life, internet is your greatest tool today, utilize it wisely.    

Lifetime Taken Advantage of: The students or employee’s riches and wealthy is his or her lifetime. Wealthy is time and time is life, and once you waste your time on activities that do not enrich you, it’s wasted wealthy and life too. Many students are trained to find a job, and work hard for 40 years at a job, then retire with a peanut butter pension money package that can be raised if you just started your own business in 5 or less years; even 10 or less years is not bad for me. Your greatest wealthy is your lifetime. People don’t have the patience to build a business for three years but they have the patience to work for 40 years.  

Spiritual Ignorance: The greatest opportunity stolen from students is their lifetime in school; in that time, instead of training students who they are meant to be, do, have and share on this universe, their brainwashed to become who they are not, an employee. The education in school is manipulated; education truly means to make an individual realize their spirituality, their potential within and bring out that potential to their world so that it can solve a number of problems people are facing on this earth, but school never does that.

Everyone is born or sent to this earth is a problem solver; but school crashes that childhood problem solving intelligence; and students grow up, ending up looking at someone else especially the government to solve problems they already have answers to use to solve on their own problems.

As long as students, people are blinded and made ignorant of the things they can do for themselves or the things they already have, kids alongside their parents will always be manipulatively forced to go to school to learn how to give away their own personal power to a few people out there who will always use students talent, time and initiative power for their own personal gain for example the governments and religions.

School is a cooperation business, they don’t care about student’s education, all the business wants is money, and little to none about student’s education, but many people don’t know this. Education is not found in school only, in fact 90% of education is found outside school classroom, found where you are, by using what you already have and use it to make a better difference for your life and others lives too. And you have begun here with

If this can happen in school that will be great, though I doubt it to happen soon; what is needed today is to train Students to use their own power to their own advantage, which school never does. Students must be taught to think for themselves, not what to think about. Students must be taught to mind their own life business, not taught as they are taught to mind others people life businesses. In fact school is the cause of this high raising of unemployment and contributing to increase of poverty in this world. As long as kids are not taught who they were meant to be, do, have and share in this world in our schools, they will always be taken advantage of, their power will always be taken advantage of and be used for money that they are able to make with their own mind, and they will never be able to know who they are and how capable they are in there own societies and this world.

School needs a new model of training students, not this industrial age obsolete model it’s still using on kids to date, when we are no longer in the 20th century. Remember that “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn” said Alvin Toffle.