Have you ever noticed why prison camps keep on getting filled in with more prisoners? It is seems many prisoners don’t heart-fully admit or accept their own caused mistakes; they are always blaming others instead of accepting, learning, and correcting and grow from those mistakes. They keep on repeating the same problems and blaming them on other people for causing them, and the same process of not taking responsibility and not accepting those self-caused mistakes, keeps on filling more of the prisons instead of empting prisons.

Almost 95% of the people who are taken to prison for a committed crime, never accept that I attracted this problem in one way or the other, all they do is blame it on other people and circumstances, not themselves. These are people who fill up prisons in and out, again in and out; again in and out simply because they don’t admit their mistakes as a lesson that can make them become a better person in society. You will never learn from a mistake without admitting it’s my responsibility.

A prison is a place created to awaken a person that I made a mistake, a place to make a person to change his or her negative attitudes if was, but because most of them don’t accept their own mistakes, they end up seeing that place as a place where to even become more bitter than they were before, and because it’s what they see, it’s what becomes their reality. Man sees what he wants to see, because a prison is mindset. You can be locked physically in a prison, but do not let your mind be locked too.

Some people are not in prison but their mind is in prison, it’s a prison, and these are the people who don’t know what they want to do for their own lives, their always busy minding other people’s life businesses, busy working making other people’s dreams come tue but never theirs. I love what author and entrepreneur Grant Cardone said, “Just because you’re not in jail doesn’t mean you’re free”, many people are prisoners of the economy.    

It’s a choice to make mistakes and it is a choice to admit and grow from those mistakes, and become better from them, but simply because most of them don’t admit their mistakes, they therefore keep on repeating the same mistakes and that ends up becoming their own self-caused road bloke to a successful lifestyle. Make every mistake your advantage to lead you to a successful life.