I ready an article, “3 Reasons to Never Take Another Job” by Corbett Barr of www.fizzle.co, where he said;

“Working a job gives someone else control over the majority of your life: These aren’t feudal times. If you live in the free world, there is no reason you have to work for someone else. The freedom to pursue happiness and live the life you desire is the greatest gift of modern society, yet most of us piss that opportunity away.

When you work a job, someone else is ultimately in control of what you work on, what you’re responsible for, when you work, when you take time off and how much you earn. If you absolutely love your job, perhaps giving up that amount of controls is worth it. For most people, it seems insane to accept those conditions.”

The employer controls you by telling you what they want, not what you want. They set time for you to work and what time to knock off from Monday to Friday; others even up to Sunday, seven days a week, not you making your own time to work at that job. Let’s get seriously here, anything or anyone who controls part of your time, has taken control part of your soul, your life. That’s why it’s very much important who you work for at a job, than the type of work you do. Some employees work for employers who are abusive by thought, by word that employees get negatively affected emotionally and spiritually for a long-team at the job or the company. You are not working for an inspirational employer, then you are working for a manipulative employer. Read: What Type of Employer Do You Really Work For?   

To labour is to serve and all service is honorable. But a “hewer of wood” contemplates blind service instead of intelligent service”, that’s what many people are doing and are into in our societies, contemplating blind jobs instead of intelligent jobs.  

The great problem is our school-system that trains students to become employees to work for the rich and the government, that’s why children are programmed from childhood to believe that school is the key to success; not really that school is the key to success, but the government needs more people to pay taxes to make the government survive and keep going, and also employees that will labour to make the rich get more richer.

Get this point, you believe it or not; we go to school to sell part of soul that makes the government and the rich get more richer. Your time is your life, and selling your time for a paycheck is selling part of your soul. And if you let other people think for you, that’s letting others control your time, your life, your soul. Always remember these words.