God has already opened the gate to everything we can desireto have, but that key to getting what we want lay in the kind of thoughts we entertain in our minds. Our thoughts are what our workshop-mind works on to make them our reality; your mind is your workshop that builds the life you experience, that’s why it matters most the type of thoughts you are sending to be worked on in your mental workshop, are they going to work for you harmoniously or against you as you will experience their reality? Mind is a workshop and only works with thought, without thought its nothing.

We have been told more often that be careful what you think about, because that’s what becomes your reality. In all history, all religion and science has proved that we attract, create and become what we think about; but the problem is, some people are busy thinking about what they don’t want, and that’s what they attract, create and experience as their lifestyle. Your lifestyle is your mindset; think a good lifestyle you want. 

I love what the author of “The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life” Mr. Deepak Chopra said, “Never forget that you are not in the world; the world is in you. When anything happens to you, take the experience inward. Creation is set up to bring you constant hints and clues about your role as co-creator. Your soul is metabolizing experience as surely as your body is metabolizing food”.

So is the Universe God gives within you, and whatever you send to Universe through your thought energy, Universe gives you back what you gave out first; as said before be careful what you think about, because that’s what your reality becomes. God Nature doesn’t distinguish between what seeds she receives. She grows whatever seeds are planted, therefore, plant the seed you want to grow in your garden.  

Actually whatever you may desire is absolutely in your own thoughts; that’s the reason it’s absolutely essential that you learn to think the good thoughts you want, so that you bring forth only desirable conditions you want. And better to create an automatic mindset rooted from predominant positive habits; even though sometimes you are doing your habits without thinking, you will be automatically doing positive habits that will bring good things to your side.  

That’s the reason God said “Whatever you can pray for, you can have it”, simply because it’s you who want it, and you have been given a free will to choose whatever you want; if it’s a good life you want, you will get it, and if it’s bad life you want, you will get it; its according to your thoughts you choose to think, are the consequences you have chosen to happen to you. You are free to choose your thoughts, but you are not free from the consequences of your thoughts.

If you become aware of this truth, you will realize that whatever you desire is entirely within your own thought control, so is your future entirely within your own control. You are the master of your destiny. Your thoughts are the prayers that attract to you whatever you desire, so pray wisely.

Abundance is your birth right. God has given us already everything, whatever we desire, but it’s up to us to get whatever we desire by thinking it and taking action to bring it into reality. But like I said, Gods destiny for man is to experience a good life, but that will happen if you are willing to pay a price for that good life you want in reality. What we experience in life is our own thought choice. Be more careful how you think, because your thoughts are your constant prayers. If you are constantly thinking poverty, you are constantly attracting, creating space for poverty and becoming poorer, it may not happen instantly, but surely poverty will find you; and if you are constantly thinking wealthy, you are constantly attracting, creating space for wealthy and becoming wealthy; it may not happen instantly but surely wealthy will find you.

Your thoughts are your prayers, mind that always. “And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive” Said Mathew 21:22, In the Bible. Everything for a successful life you seek is already here, within you. Learn to look inside yourself. The world is yours, everything is yours and the kingdom of God is within you. Abundance is your birth right.