If you were told at a company you are working at that they have a job security,you are being manipulated and blinded, even in government there is no job security, and if its money security most people rush for to join the government is a (TL), meaning True Lie, if you are put on the salary and they cut a chunky of a certain percentage from your paycheck to keep for you for your medical expense, or housing allowance and also that chunky kept as your pension retirement package, this is what many people have been and are rushing for to join the government work force, and call it social security when you are you own security.

Today you contribute to your own social security, not the government or company, and you are lack today if at your company their DCP called Defined Contribution Plan for those of you who still believe in a social security even when a pension today has become a ferry tell, a story, a myth. An employee has been donating his or her chunky of money cut from their paycheck for 20 years at a job, not knowing his been making a few people get richer and richer while him remains poor and struggling financially for his entire 20 years. Get this point your pension investment account is there to make the government and the richer get more richer.

The pension or retirement account or plan makes the rich richer. If you have a retirement plan, you are sending money to via retail and investments bankers and the banker sends that money to the rich people, and rich people use your pension plan via debt to build businesses and investments that makes them rich and wealthy. In Zambia employees send their money to (NAPSA) called National Pension Scheme Authority, it’s not bad, it’s just I don’t believe in such investments myself.  

Truth is, your money is making other people getting rich and richer, and you say I have job security; I have a pensionable job, OK.

Get this; you are your own security at a job. My father in 1998 lost his three fingers, a machine cut his three fingers instantly out in a ‘Zambia Electricity Supply Cooperation’ (ZESCO) carpentry workshop in Kafue, Namalundu Gorge, and job security never replaced his fingers. We have been brain washed to believe such a True Lie, there is no such thing as job security, but only conscious security.

Security is conscious mindset. The only job-security there is, is self-conscious security you use to protect yourself from harm or injury when you are working or doing any activities weather you are an employee, or employer, everyone must poses it. No matter how protected or secure some working places are, if disaster more than that protection has to happen, happens; so saying job security often it’s just an employee mental manipulation. “The only person who is going to give you security and the life you want is you”, Robert Kiyosaki.

The job security especially the money which you are encouraged to follow is only a manipulating security, blinding you from seeing the real picture of the Rat Race Trap you are swimming and sinking yourself in. And one way the government steals wealthy away from people is through offering employees paycheck jobs, and majority have been told often that employees pay the highest taxes to the government, but we are still busy sending our children “Go to school, get good grades, find a high paying job and a job will take care of you”. Busy sending kids to become slaves of a few people and to become slaves of money too, and you as a parent you even feel proud that my son or daughter is safe, has security, which security? Wake up; and stop enslaving your child.

If you got a job because you were told that it has Job-security; you have accepted to put yourself in a longer-dormant dependence rat race trap-cage. A job said to have company-security is a trapping cage. Job-security is a mental manipulation technique that employers use on their employees in order to create some sense of security, to create some comfortness with your current job, and that is the sense of security that blinds employees from not fully worrying or not being concerned to live their own dreams, to forget about their lifetime wealthy being stolen through all those years working hard at a job in the name of chasing a pension. Majority of employees lose their wealthy, lifetime and dreams in the name of chasing a pension.  “Chase your passion, not your pension” said entrepreneur, author and consultant Denis Waitley. And always recall this too, “An employee’s ignorance is job security of an employer”.

Moreover, a salary is a bribe they give an employee to forget their own dreams. More especially if you have many years to retire from your present job, making you think you have plenty of time and years to plan your future before your retirement time up, when you only have today. Your future is now, today; what you do now is your future. 

You may have a job now or you will have a job, but always remember this, don’t make your salary your way of life, plan and control of your life, your financial life, a job is not yours and will never be yours, it will always be your employers because his the one who employed you. There is no such thing as permanent job, its part of manipulating an employee not to think of more important things than a paycheck for example starting your own business that may lead you to become financially independent. In truth today, governments are in more financial problems than ever before, so if you think the government will solve your financial problems, please just expect disappointments. “If you think you will have a job security working for someone else, Wake Up!?” said the entrepreneur and author of “Rich Woman” Kim Kiyosaki.

It’s time to take control of your financially life, not living that responsibility to the government or a job, a 401k, or a Pension Organization “Scheme” meaning Scam, like this one we have in Zambia called (NAPSA) National Pension Scheme Authority .Even if you have a job or you are in school, begin to build your own business and your own investments; a salary is just short-term solution to a long-team problem.

Things have changed, we are the new world, that requires new ways of thinking and doing things, the old world has gone already. We are no longer in the industrial age, we are now in the technological age, what worked yesterday don’t think will be a guarantee to work today or tomorrow, things are changing everyday and rapidly that a person who thinks today will be tomorrow will be greatly disappointed.   

It’s Time To Think Change.