Recalling back in 2009, my research mentor once told me never to call anyone boss or my boss that it was useless to call your fellow human being boss, and he also said if you forget or you accidentally call someone boss, slap yourself, but that was just a joke. He further said, you are your own boss on this planet earth, not a fellow human being. Even though you are still an employee, never call your employer boss, it’s self worthy diminishing.

His human, you are human, same mind, experiencing same life, living in the same world, and from the same cause God. But why letting status difference of just being an employee and employer enslave your mind when you can become an employer too, if you just made up your mind. It is more reasonable to call your employer, your “Supervisor’ or “Sir” or “Madam or Mom”, “Mr, Mrs or Miss”, all these words are an expression of respect if you mean it from your heart.

Even though he is the president of your country, just call him Sir or Mr. President or President. You were born alone, with yourself mastery within, with your own mind, with your own potential to use, why degrading yourself calling your fellow human being boss, when you actually fit calling yourself my own boss. Do you even know what it means to call someone boss?

“Did you know that the word boss comes from the Dutch word baas, which historically means master? Another meaning of the word boss is “a cow or bovine.” And in many video games, the boss is the evil dude that you have to kill at the end of a level.So if your boss is really your evil bovine master, then what does that make you? Nothing but a turd in the herd.”

You Become Your Own Boss

To become your own boss means, being fully responsible for your life and whatever happens to me. Being your own ‘boss’ is simplified as “Being – Owner of – Self – Success” and then if you may want, you share your success to the world through creating a service or a product that would employee others if they will be needed; such a mentality is what creates entrepreneurs.

Becoming your own boss begins with taking charge of your own thoughts. You can never become what you never called yourself to be. You can never become in life what you have never emotionally felt. You can never become in life what you have never thought about yourself. You can never become your own boss if you never desired to become your own boss.“The starting point of all achievement is desire” quoted Napoleon Hill, author: Think and Grow Rich.

It all begins with desire, and desire is thought caused; for example Mr. S.B. Fuller founder and president of Fuller Products Company, his mother once told him when he was a young, that, “The reason we are poor is not because of God. We are poor because father never developed a desire to become rich. No one in our family never developed a desire to be anything else.”

Either to become rich or your own boss or anything else; it all begins with a “Desire + Actions” = Results of whatever you desired to become. You become what you call, think and desire about yourself. Whatever you desire, you attract, create and become if you are willing to take action.  

In truth, calling somebody boss is the most self worth-Lessing word that degrades our self-confidence and self-worth. And it is this Fear + self Ignorance that makes most people calling others as their boss or master. It’s the Ignorance of seeing oneself as unworthy that creates an image of seeing other people more worth and more important than oneself. It’s this ignorance of your own self worthy and power within that makes people become docile to a few people with power.     

Ignorance means, “You don’t know,” and the most perilous ignorance that has blocked people from not becoming successful, and not having what they want and that which makes most people to continual to experience poor and miserable lives is? The ignorance of not knowing “how to think constructively” and not knowing how to think constructively is what attracts and creates misery in most people’s lives simply because they end up thinking unconstructively, and unconstructive thinking is what causes unconstructive lifestyles. And we have been told for centuries now that “You become what you think about” and your thought is what you experience as your life.  

As you begin to learn and begin to understand how to think constructively, to understand how your mind works, you will begin to become fully in charge of your own mind and life, you will begin to create your own life successes you want, your own economy and become your own boss, as I have said being your own boss is beyond being the owner of the business or company, but it’s “Being – Owner of – Self – Success.” You are your own boss.