I believe country governments know that when they truly review their true character covered by their ‘Personality’, majority of people will stop depending on the governments. And the only way someone will control much of your life, is for you to depend on them, and so, as a government to continual controlling its citizens, it must continual coming up with policies that reinforce citizen dependence on the government.

Personality is derived from an Ancient Latin root “Persona” meaning “Mask or Costume.” It’s from the Latin root, where it originally referred to a “Theatrical Mask.”  If you have watched Actors acting or you have associated with actors for sometimes you will understand this more because actors they portray a different personality when acting when actually mostly that’s not their true personality.

This is the personality of most politicians; they portray a personality of a sheep while inside their goats. It seems as if on the global level politicians have the same mentality, promising people they can manage to take care of everyone in the country, actually which is a lie, moreover that’s just a theatrical tactic mask they use in order to win poor people’s votes.  I appreciate the politician who put in effort to create change progress in their communities, even just a little; reason I have said this is, most politicians are goats dressed in sheep clothes especially African politicians.

The word “Theatrical” is defined by Longman Dictionary; as “Behaving in a loud or very noticeable way that is intended to get people’s attention.”  That’s the majority of  governments are, trying to get attention but forgetting that attention is always limited, so to keep that attention continual functioning, they keep on to bring new polices or rules that actually do not even last in order to continual theatrical plays to gain more control. If you lie, and you don’t what others to notice, you require another lie to cover up that previous lie, through this process you will keep on lying and lying until it becomes your character, and this how lying becomes the character of politicians. It even becomes normal for the majority of them.

But integrity is the priority policy. “As the whirlwild passeth, so is the wicked no more; but the righteous is an everlasting foundation”, said King Solomon a long time ago. Long live the king, but no man king rules forever. That’s the reason no political president will rule forever, definitely someone will overtake him or her; it’s an example of Robert Mugabe former president of Zimbabwe, definitely was overtaken by someone; so is Paul Kagame president of Rwanda must be more wiser.

Actually at an individual level, we must be wise enough to notice and see if our personalities or characters we have developed are they going to end us in harmony or destructive end. We are the only ones who can see them more enough than others.

That’s why Frank Outlaw said; “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”