The fact is, we send kids to school to be taught how to become obedient employees for the government and a few rich people; and that’s the over role purpose why our school-system still exists to date. Imagine 12 years and an addition of 3-5 years in college or university, others even reach having multiple PhDs, just to be trained and programmed for only one thing, a job, to become an employee for someone else, is this what school is all for?

Students leaving university only to go follow what the employer wants, that does not even make the student employee’s life and lifestyle satisfied and fulfilled. And how do you expect to live a satisfying and fulfilled life when someone else is controlling your life for their own life advantage?    

I meet and interview students often; I mean all grades from 1 to college, if they like school? Only a few say yes they like school, but the great majority don’t like it at all, but they just do it simply because it’s what everyone else does in their community.

But why does the great majority go to school even when they don’t like it? When it comes to answering why people go to school even if they don’t like it, they is only one answer, and that answer is what the majority numbers of people believe or have been conditioned to believe as the only way to experience a successful life is to go to school, as expressed “Education is the key to success”, am yet to prove this. It’s this misleading belief programmed in the subconscious minds of many adult people, which, even adults forces that belief on their own children simply because it’s the only thing they were taught as the only way to a successful life even when “Education is the key to success” has become obsolete today. School is an individual choice, not a forcing matter.

But again the pity part is that, those who don’t have the money privilege to get into school is, with this same belief acting on them as they have accepted it as true, that school is the only way to live a good successful life; it has and leaves many people destitute and hopeless that they is nothing they can do to become successful in life because they have not gone to school, they are not educated, so what next, the same belief has made it possible for many people to accept that anyone without an education, deserve to experience a poor lifestyle, simply because they themselves are not educated.  

Remember that our “beliefs speaks and acts for us” this is how this belief is working against the majority of people who have not gone to school or not completed school. Some stupid people with chains of school certificates even say these stupid words like, “If you don’t go to school you won’t live a successful life” “Education (school) is the key to success,” In truth, school or a job is not the key success, you yourself you are the key to live a successful life. The majority of successful people in this world have not even reached eighth grade, others don’t even have a college certificate but still they made it rich wealthy, health and successful in this world. “The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not the job” said Zig Ziglar.

This is the formula for success majority of people have been raised to accept as the only way to success; it worked in the industrial age generation, but not today in this technological were technological robots are taking over human labor jobs, but we are still telling kids this obsolete advice that;

“Go to school, study hard, and get good grades so you can get a high-paying safe job with benefits, work hard and your job will take care of you”

This is obsolete and a myth today. This is an obsolete routine of experiencing life today and share waste of lifetime too. It’s this same school obsolete formula for success that has programmed main people not to go for what they want for their own lives, but to do what school wants, and that’s the reason many find themselves doing what they don’t like in life, and this is common in the employee world; many employees are stuck in doing jobs they hate, but only doing that job because there is money, a paycheck, because that’s only thing they were taught in school as the only way to make money, and live a good life, that is to become an employee for someone else out there after you leave school.

School system has made it possible for more people to accept that the only way to get good money is getting a well paying job that will take care of you.  But the truth is being paid only when you are at job 5/7 days is becoming more of an obsolete routine in this generation. What if you no longer have a job, or you are fired? Or you get sick or injured? Or you get a forced retirement? What will you do? To say the fact, anything can happen at a job, and if you are not prepared for the unexpected, what will do?  

It seems that with this high raising level of unemployment, with fewer and cheap jobs on the market place, this has become a global pandemic disease, and sending kids to school to graduate and look for a job is not working effectively today, and I don’t think it will work effectively in future too. Creating more employees to work for a few others is not the solution to overcome unemployment. R. Gendarme said, “One cannot develop a country by doubling the employee in administrative services or by distributing sinecures to ones friends, but only by mobilizing men and enthusiasm to work for an ideal based on the common”.

Remember being employed is not the cure to unemployment today; it’s a short-term solution that is creating long-term problems in many people’s lives and family lives today too. Today many families have boomerang kids who leave home and go to school, only to return unemployed and unable to survive in the real world.

Remember again dependence on a job for a lifetime is share waste of your lifetime and lifetime opportunities; it’s the least reliable source of income there is too in this generation we are in and ahead too, of which you are only paid according to the hours you are working at a job, and when you are no longer working money stops coming in. No wander many pensioners are not retiring from jobs simply because most of them retire with little money or no money. Warren Buffett put it clearly here that “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”.

Having a school certificate has got nothing much to do with your survival in this world when it comes to living a successful life. You are your own success in this world, entrepreneurs understand this more. And today the only creative solution to end this unemployment is to create more entrepreneurs who create jobs for themselves and others too, not more employees to look for more jobs. An entrepreneur Anita Roddick said “Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that’s exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking”. In truth, entrepreneurship is the present and future medicine to overcome unemployment sickness. Entrepreneurship can truly solve the ills of the world, the unemployment and poverty sickness if we help to fulfill its full potential within people. Youths it’s time to think businesses wise, than only thinking of a getting job nor getting a school certificate for a job that has become obsolete today.

The wonderful thing about becoming an entrepreneur is that, you don’t need to even go to school, all you just need is become a business or entrepreneur minded person, and you can learn all that by just learning from people who are already entrepreneurs, that’s all. The future belongs to entrepreneurs.