Many employees think, mostly when they get a job with job-securityespecially those in government. They think, say sentences or words like; “why worry about my future now when I have 30 years to go before I retire”, “let me enjoy my life now man”, or “enjoy your life now girl”, “Let me enjoy my salary now as I am not married”, “I still got plenty of time to plan my future, in fact I will plan when I remain with at list with some good five years before retirement”, and the common famous one is, “Only God knows my future”.

Ooh, am I rushing for what, am still young, “I must feel life” “I must enjoy life first”, as long us my job, my company pays for me well for the most challenging needs I had like food, shelter etc; am ok. After a year or some few years pass, they say am ready for marriage, in fact, am even ready to marry my beautiful sexy Mary, I have a house, and a job that will take care of us. Are you sure you are ready my friend?

You will realize that people who often use such words have no future concrete plan for themselves, but always in others life plans for example a job, in the government, in a spouse, or parent’s life plan. Rhoda Lungu quoted, “Don’t aim high in someone’s pocket”.  

This is all having a short-term thinking or being narrow minded of only focusing on how to survive today, and forget 20 years from now how someone is going to survive. The future is now, not in future, plan it wisely now. The problem with many people is they only pray for today, and forget tomorrow. The other problem have found myself with my fellow young people is, many of us “Don’t know how it feels to be an adult person struggling with so much family and financial problems at hand”, my old friend said these words to me some years ago.  

This job-security entitlement mentality dependence syndrome has killed and wasted many people’s lives; by the time they are realizing to plan their life wisely, already its retirement time up. Truth is, from my research study every person who has built a lifetime successful financial-freedom lifestyle, it never took them an overnight, or a day nor months not even a year; it took years and years to prepare that successful lifetime plan. And most employees think it will take an overnight, and by the time they realize, its life time up.

And you if are young today and think you still have plenty time to plan your future, you are lying to yourself – you never have that time. The only time you have to plan your future is today, why? Because tomorrow never comes to the people who have never planned for it today, they will always be experiencing today they have not planned. If you think this is a joke, just look around many employees who are 50 years going up who are stuck in their jobs for a monthly survival, maybe not going to far, just look within your family cycle.

What has kept them stuck in that job for so long when they had all the time like you when they where once a young person to plan their future wisely?  Majority it’s money problems, that’s the first one reason they always keep on working for paycheck after paycheck month after month for survival just for a month. A paycheck or salary only allows an employee to survive for a month, only.

If you get a job to work for money, your job is a liability and you yourself you have made yourself a liability.

Your job eats you through your labour-in labour-out day in day out and you also eat yourself through being a cost-out; and you get to have twice-doubled liabilities to eat you. This is one reason why employees keep on working there entire lifetime, it’s because their jobs are liabilities that eats them. Warren Buffett put it clearly here that “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. An asset is something that feeds you; while a liability is something feeds on you.  

You are lucky if your parents have achieved financial freedom, please learn from them. But if not, it’s time to start creating yours before you also fall into that job-security rat race suicide trap cage where many have been trapped for years and have lost all hope, but only having hope in a monthly paycheck after paycheck; what if they got fired at a job? Others end up dying of depression. And can you say that’s job-security? Benjamin Franklin once said; “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” It’s time to entirely take and plan your future in your own hands, because your future has to be designed entirely within your own control.

No one owes you a living out there in the world, you owe it to yourself. And always remember that they is no such thing as job-security, but just mental manipulation at a company you work at; the only job security you have is yourself, to take control of your financial life, yourself and your future. You are your own job security. “Tomorrow belongs to the people who plan for it today” said Malcolm X.