To me, the aim of teaching is to make a child reach his destiny. But there are some factors that that I have seen that affect children to fail to get there:

1. Teaching what they want not what the child wants. The Bible says ‘teach a child in the way he should go’ not in the way you want.

2. Teaching a child to become like parents instead of becoming himself and take a path not taken.

3. Teaching a child retrogressive concepts. The wold is changing and so if you are still stick to old syllabus and approaches, the child won’t arrive at his destiny.

4. Forcing a child to learn in the way he does not get anything. Every child has his own approach of learning based on how he perceive the world. Now if you want him to learn how you learnt, the child will walk a half way to success.

5. Choose a course for a child or what he should be doing or pursuing instead of what he loves doing.